It's hard to choose books for your young readers: teens and young adults.  At this age, it is best to let them decide on what they want to read.  HOWEVER, as parents, you should monitor what the books are IF YOUR CHILD HAS A TENDENCY to be persuaded by peers.  Peer values may not be the same as your values.

How do you monitor what your teen reads?  That is a decision and discussion that all parents need to have with their teen.  IF they know that you will be monitoring what they read, they may be more selective in what they choose.

By monitoring, I DON'T mean that you will be looking over their shoulder as they read the book.  Just ask some basic questions of what the book is about.  For instance, you can ask them to tell you about the main theme of the story.  Ask them about the characters and who they like best and why. Don't forget to ask them about what they like and dislike about the book.  Although a book your teen chooses to read may not line up with your value system, this can be a good time to discuss the values your family has and how your teen can share your values when he shares the book with his friends.

Since I am writing to plethora of people who hold different value systems, it is impossible to list books on this site that everyone would agree with. So instead of listing books (there is no way for me to keep up with all of the new authors and books) I have chosen to give you the link to my Amazon store.

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