Find a tutoring service for you or your child. ACT or SAT test looming? Find a tutor that can help you or your child prepare for these all important tests. Parents around the world are making sure their children are prepared for college by using tutors outside the classroom. Don't let your child lag behind.

If you have used a tutor or a tutoring service and would recommend them, let me know. I will contact that person via e-mail and list them here if they meet my criteria. Just fill in the form below.

Recommended Tutors


Specializes in teaching reading to children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, autism, Asperger's and other learning differences. Children who have been "left behind" in the classroom will also benefit from one on one tutoring.

  • The Tutoring Expert The editor answers the question: "Why Hire a Tutor?" You will also find tutors listed for almost any subject like math, Spanish and science. Are you looking for an on-line class? You will find a program that will fit your interest and your budget.


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