Triumph over Aspergers features stories of adults who have succeeded in spite of their learning disabilities. These stories are an inspiration to everyone who has a form of Autism. Let these stories inspire you if you are a parent of an Autistic child.

James Durbin
American Idol contestant

Temple Grandin
animal scientist

In the Spring of 2011, two young men with Asperger's achieved a milestone.  They were contestants on Reality TV.  Read their stories here:

Zev Glassenberg


James Durbin was the 4th runner up on American Idol, 2011. He has an amazing story to tell. At the age of 9, he was diagnosed with Tourette's and Asperger's. He was raised by his mom, after his dad died of a drug overdose.


Temple Grandin is one of the most famous people with autism. She has made a name for herself in the bovine industry and is a renowned animal scientist.

At two years old, Temple was diagnosed as being brain damaged.  When she was in her mid-teens, her mother saw a checklist for autism.  She determined her daughter had this disorder.   She wasn't formally diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum until her forties and considered an autistic savant.

She says of herself, "One of my sensory problems was hearing sensitivity, where certain loud noises, such as a school bell, hurt my ears. It sounded like a dentist drill going through my ears.

"I'm a visual thinker, not a language-based thinker. My brain is like Google Images."

In 2010, a HBOTV movie entitled, "Temple Grandin"  and won 7 Primetime Emmy awards.


Zev Glassenberg (on the left*) and his best friend, Justin, were contestants on The Amazing Race.   Although Zev and Justin didn't win, Zev accomplished his goal. 

This was the second time Zev and Justin had been on The Amazing Race. The first time was in 2008 and they were eliminated in round 11 because they lost their passports. This time they came in 4th.

Because of Zev's Asperger's, crowds intimidate him. But Zev did very well and a few times he and Justin were in first place. In fact, in round 5, Zev and Justin each won a Ford Focus because they came in first.


These young men's determination shows that anyone can Triumph over Asperger's. They had a dream. They had a goal. AND they had friends and family that stood by them, believed in them and were in the "trenches" with them.

Asperger's can't be cured. BUT a person can learn to deal with it just like any handicap. As parents or care givers we can help hold our struggling child back or we can help spur them on so that they can realize their dreams.

At Autism Society, you will find information that will help you cope with day to day living if you have a child that is on the autism spectrum either with autism or aspergers syndrome.  You will find a blog that will keep you up to date with what is happening in the world as it pertains to autism.  There is also information about how to help your child find academic success through the use of a 504 plan or setting up an IEP for your child. Probably the most encouraging page on this website are the stories from the spectrum.

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