I first made this page in the spring of 2012 as I was preparing and raising money for this missions trip. I did raise enough money and spent two weeks in the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2012. My story can be seen in the daily journal or the photo album.


  • About Trash Mountain

  • Kids With A Hope School

  • How you can be a part of my TM trip.

  • How you can have the opportunity to experience helping others.

  • During the summer of 2012, two of my dreams came true. I was finally able to go on a long dreamed of mission trip. I went to the Dominican Republic to a place called Trash Mountain. Teaching English as a second language had also been a dream of mine for a long time. I was able to realize that dream as part of this trip. I taught students and teachers basic English.

    Although I did not go this year (2013), the work on Trash Mountain continues. This year, Trash Mountain held a children's camp, dental clinic and health clinic in Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic. TM has also started working with a church in the Philippines that is overseeing work at one of hundreds of trash dumps on that small island.

    WATCH this informative video, STAY, to find out a little more about the trash dump community in the Philippines.


    What is a Trash Mountain Trip? It is a missions trip to the 3rd world country--Dominican Republic.

    Is Trash Mountain a town? No, Trash Mountain is actually a huge hill of trash. In many 3rd World countries, trash is accumulated outside the city in one or more locations. Unlike in America, the trash is not buried or burned or recycled. Families actually live among the garbage in order to survive.

    What are the hazards of living on a trash dump? A trash dump releases methane gas. The decaying trash does not provide a healthy environment for any adult or child to work in. But these families not only work here, they live on the mountain of trash or at the bottom of the hill.

    Families survive by eating the food that other throw away. Dads gather broken items to use in their shacks made of almost any material that can be hammered together. Mom's gather clothing that has been thrown away so that their children will have something to wear.

    The shacks are one room, barely big enough to sleep in on the dirt floor for most of them. When it rains, water runs right through their home. Needless to say, disease if of the norm.

    What are the health risks for these children? The health risks include: disease, infections (hookworms and others worms), sexual abuse, drug abuse, gang violence, starvation, human trafficking, AIDS. These are the main health risks to children but there are minor illnesses like dysentery from unclean water, pale skin due to exposure to methane gas, skin rashes to name a few.


    You can be a part of my Trash Mountain trip by partnering with me when I go to the Dominican Republic to teach English as a second language. I will be teaching at KIDS WITH A HOPE SCHOOL. This is a school for the children who live around or on Trash Mountain.

    This fall the school will be starting a vo-tech school for young adults 14 - 18 years of age. Until now, children who attended the KIDS WITH A HOPE SCHOOL would usually quit after 6th grade in order to help work on Trash Mountain to help provide food for their families. Once this happens, these children usually spend their lives raising their own families on the trash dump.

    I will be participating with The Trash Mountain Project. Watch these videos and hear testimonies from the work that is being done through The Trash Mountain Project.

    I will be spending my days not only teaching English in the classroom, but working along side others to finish the vo-tech classrooms, getting them ready for the students to move into in the fall. I will also be interacting with the students and teachers outside of class time getting to know them better and participating in games and activities that will help them learn English on a conversational level.


    This trip must be fully funded by myself and my supporters. I want others to experience what I will experience on my Trash Mountain trip and therefore will be taking a video camera with me. Once I return home, I will share these videos with my supporters. Don’t worry they won’t be the “boring home videos” .

    If you would like to partner with me, you can do so with a TAX DEDUCTIBLE GIFT.

    In the space that says “Donate one time for:" Type: Rene Armbruster. Don’t forget to put a $ amount in the other box. This page is secure and therefore you don’t have to worry about donating via the internet.


    Your support not only helps me fulfill my dream of helping others, but you will be helping others in the long term through my efforts. If a person knows English, even if it is broken English, he will have a better chance of getting a job in the city. A job in the city helps not only himself but his family by making enough money to move off Trash Mountain.

    IF YOU WOULD LIKE to participate in a Trash Mountain Trip, find out more about it at The Trash Mountain Project. Please tell others about this opportunity to either support me OR to go on such a trip themselves. It doesn't matter what skill someone possess-- everyone can do something!

    If you have a teen that is 13 years or older, I guarantee a trip like this will change their perspective about life forever!

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