The Light Finally Turned On!

by Dayna
(Topeka, KS)

I love reading now!

I love reading now!

My daughter was turning 10 this year and still couldn't read on her own. I was getting frustrated and she was beside herself as well-meaning friends and Sunday school teachers were approaching us with questions about her difficulties.

After 4 different Phonics programs, it seemed like she should have the rules down! But still she struggled. Another home schooling mom pointed me towards Rene' and we started meeting once a week.

Last week, when I was tucking her in to bed, she asked me to read a chapter out of a book we had gotten at the library. "Here mom," she said, "Read New Shoes to me. It's just one chapter." I started to protest because it was very late, and then I realized she had just read the title TO ME! I sat down with the book and she read the entire chapter with little struggle. She was so proud of herself and so was I!

Rene' has been a life-saver with her expert knowledge in Learning Disabilities. She assists both of us. She is helping my daughter learn how to conquer her own issues AND she helps me by instructing and showing me how to teach her appropriately. We are still struggling, but we certainly would not be this far without her help.

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