This page will help give you some insight into teaching during Covid.

Whatever the age of your child(ren), YOU CAN teach them at home, with or without the school curriculum.  There are some things you need to know.

Before you go any further let me tell you what you will find on this page:

Most schools throughout the nation were closed by the end of March, 2020.  In my state, Kansas, the students went on spring break March 13 and never stepped a foot in the classroom the rest of the 2019-2020 school year.  

This created many problems as most of you know.  Each parent in every state, can talk to you about their own individual problems with having school at home with more than one child.  Most students weren't even allowed back in the classroom to pick up their books they were using.  

This raises the question, "How are we going to do this again?  The last semester of school was a disaster!"  Many said, "I can't work from home and teach my children."

Before I actually tell you how you can succeed with helping your child learn from home, let me talk a little bit about learning styles and teaching styles.

Things to Know
about Teaching and Learning

  1. NO ONE teaches the same way.  Most teachers teach the way they were taught.  If they haven't learned all the ways children learn, then your child may not be learning all that they could be learning.

  2. NO CHILD learns the same way.  There are several ways a child learns.  What is taught in school is mainly a lecture/audio platform. Of course this depends on the teacher's teaching style and the grade the student is in.  You need to learn what learning style your child has in order to help her succeed when trying to learn new information.

  3. NO CHILD learns the same thing.  Even though a teacher teaches the same subject to 20+ students at one time, not every child will learn the same thing.  One child may enjoy what is being taught and proceed on their own to find out more information on the topic.  Another child may hate what is being taught and not see the relevance of learning what the teacher is trying to teach. AND therefore will shut down and not hear what the teacher is saying.

  4. NO ONE has one distinct learning style.  However, everyone has a dominant learning style which is paired with a less dominant learning style.


FIRST...take a deep breath!  Breathe out slowly.
SAY...I've got this!!!  I can do this!!  I am NOT alone!

OKAY...Ready, Set, Go Teach! But you are saying, "I don't know how to teach!"  YES YOU DO.  

SAY:  I know how to teach!

If you read my link to The Way They Learn according to Cynthia Ulrich Tobias, then you should have already determined the learning style of each of your children.  It may help to keep a notebook on each child.  In the notebook, you should first list what style of learning does s/he have.  (Do this for each child that you will be teaching).

You will notice, as I mentioned, that every child has a different style of learning.  This may make planning classes a little more of a challenge because you want to reach each child with what s/he needs to be learning from the curriculum.

IF, HOWEVER, you are using the curriculum that the school has provided for you while teaching from home, there are some things you can do to enhance your child's learning experience while at home.

Since most schools seem to be going with total on-line learning or part on-line and part in-school learning, parents are still going to be doing the lion's share of teaching school at home.

As I have talked with parents about their recent experience of being thrust into teaching, their one frustration was that there wasn't enough work to keep their child busy and there wasn't much teaching of new concepts.  The other complaint was that on-line teaching on Zoom was a bust.  Most said that their child had trouble focusing because of other children's antics while on the screen.

Since I can't do or suggest anything about the on-line teaching, let me address how to get your child more learning hours!  Think, GAMES, VIDEOS, EXPERIMENTS, FIELD TRIPS and other fun stuff that can be classified as learning.

A pottery class can be classified as learning if you can relate it to a Indian tribe that used pottery or just BECAUSE she wants to learn how.  While studying Veteran's Day, ask the VA hospital if your child could send some THANK YOU cards to the veteran's that might need cheered up.  OR ask the VA if your child could make a Thank You banner that could be hung in their lobby.

Experiments are always fun to do.  There are a lot of books with simple experiments that a child can do in concert with what is being taught in their science class.  IF you can't find one, do something that is similar to what is being taught and talk about how it might be related.

One of my most favorite "science" experiments involved making a weather station by making the instruments instead of buying them.  Boys especially seemed to like this.  Use the station then to predict the day's forecast.  Have your child record a weather forecast for friends and family on FaceBook or other platforms.

If your child is learning about the Space Force and the teacher has been talking about how the US will be the first to land on Mars, then watch some videos about past astronauts and their trips.  One that comes to mind is Apollo 13.  Granted it is an old movie, but could spur your child's interest into finding out more about space or she may want to know more about becoming an astronaut.


IF all fails, you can sign up with a tutor!  Perhaps you will be able to find one in your area that can come to your home.  

I have students that are coming to me twice a week for either a 1/2 hour session or a 1 hour session.  Parents sit in while I teach so that they can work with their child at home the same way that I am teaching.  I always give the parent a suggestion of what she can do to enhance the child's learning experience at home.

I hesitate to suggest a tutor that would be on-line.  I know that the on-line classes haven't been to successful in the eyes of most parents.  Even some teachers (who were thrust into it with no warning) would agree that an on-line classroom is far from ideal.

HOWEVER, I have been very successful with on-line tutoring.  WHY?  Because it is just myself and one child.  There are NO OTHER children distracting each other.

IF the in home tutoring isn't available NOR is going to a tutor possible for you, then perhaps you should think about hiring a coach for yourself.  That coach, like myself, could give you more in depth suggestions specific to your child based on what he is doing for school.

You can contact me anytime for a FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULATION!

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