You Can’t Get the Job Done Without It

A study skills calendar is necessary IF you want your child to be successful in school. Nowadays, most schools provide free planners for their students. Successful students use them.

It is important that the planner be filled out at school so that the student knows at a glance (and you too) what is due and when. If the teacher or school has a calendar that can be accessed via computer, find out how so that you and your child can check this periodically to make sure his calendar is up to date.


One of the first things you might want to do is make a time chart with your child. A time chart will cover a week at a time. Use a sheet of notebook paper and write 6AM (or what time your child gets up in the morning.)

On each line continue to write each hour of the day until he goes to bed. It would look like 6AM, 7AM, 8AM….10PM. Now make one of these sheets for each day of the week for an entire week. Now have him mark off every hour that is accounted for like 8AM-4PM school; 4:30PM – 6PM play.

Now if there are any set tests have him mark them down on the study skills calendar. Perhaps there is a science test every Friday. What is left is the time he has to study and do homework. Have him decide when he will study. Perhaps it will be from 7PM-8PM with a break to watch a TV show at 8PM. After the show, he may need to study more from 9PM-10PM.

Don’t forget to mark what the family does on the weekends. Mark out any ball practices, work schedule and church activities. Any unmarked time can be used to study.

Now copy this set schedule either by copy machine or produce it on the computer. Print it off week to week so that the free time can be scheduled with homework, projects or test preparation.

For the first week, use the calendar that has been filled out and write exactly how long it took to do homework or the other activities. Now, the calendar may have to be revised. If it took longer to do homework, than adjust the schedule to show that.

Some students study better before school. If your child studies better early, than show that on the study skills calendar. If he is old enough, he can be responsible for getting up without being reminded by his parents. If he is young, than one of the parents will have to make sure he gets up and starts to study.

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Study time should be based on age. No more than 10 minutes per grade level. If your student is in 4th grade than she should not study more than 40 minutes a night.

These 40 minutes can be split up into two different sections. If a child is spending more than this a night, than the teacher needs to make some accommodations and adjustments.

Whatever you do, WRITE it down. I know this may be totally new to you OR you would not be at this site. It does take time to set a routine but stick to it. IT will work if you put some commitment into it.

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