I believe good study habits are necessary in order for a student to be successful. However, I think these two words,study and habits, scare students and parents alike. It’s as if on top of all they have to learn they now have to learn more SKILLS just to study.

However, if parents and students can establish a nightly routine of when, where and what homework will be done, chaos can be eliminated. Another benefit for good study habits is that students are preparing for the test without even knowing it.

I like to think of study habits as just a disciplined plan to help the student to be able to finish homework assignments and projects in a reasonably free-chaotic way. Parents are a KEY part of this plan by holding the child accountable for their assignments.


NOTE TO PARENTS: More than likely your child WILL NOT study the same way you did. Because you probably have a different learning style than your daughter. She may choose to study with the radio on. You on the other hand may not accomplish anything if you kept the radio on.


Reviewing the study habits of your kids is one big step in positive parenting. Fourth grade is the transition from learning to read TO reading to learn. Homework will become more stressful at this grade. 

Teachers will pick up the learning pace in 4th grade. By this, I mean they will progress through the material faster than they did in the preceding years. Most teachers will expect students to finish their work on time and for it to be done in a legible manner.

I think most students struggle with homework because up until 4th grade there isn't much. Once students hit 4th grade, they are assigned book reports, science projects, history papers and a slew of basic math and spelling homework.

If you don’t help your child set up good study habits early, than THERE WILL BE chaos later. If you had bad study habits yourself, than doing this task with your child is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT.

IF you don’t help your child set up good study habits early, than THERE WILL BE chaos later. If you had bad study habits yourself, than doing this task with your child is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT.

WHY? Because if you didn’t have good study habits, than you more than likely will be very lax when checking to see if your child’s homework is finished. YOU WILL ASSUME that he has done the work.

This is the time to establish good study habits if they haven't been established yet. If you are a parent reading this, then help your child understand how important it is to get good study habits--NOW.

Emily was a student who didn't have good study habits or organizational skills. Click here to read her story.


PARENTS: You must hold your child accountable for their homework assignments. If they say it is done, check it out. Make sure it is legible and finished and would be accepted by the teacher. If they didn't do the homework because they don't know how to study, and you don't think you can show him, get some outside help.

If you have an LD student who isn't finishing the assignments, than get some working parameters from the teacher. Perhaps instead of the paper being written in handwriting, it could be typed or in the parents handwriting. OF COURSE, this means that the student would dictate it to the parent.

Good study habits are a MUST for your learning disabled child. They need the organization. They need consistancy. They need the discipline and they need to be successful.

Click here to see how to set up a study area.

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Students, follow these easy steps to help establish good habits and you may be able to decrease your study time.

The first step to good nightly study skills is making sure you have everything you need before you sit down to study. Pencils, pens, paper, calculator, drink, planner and computer if needed.

Second, open your planner, which most schools give to their students, and check to see what is due the next day. Make a priority list by putting 1, 2, 3 etc in front of each subject so that you know what needs to be done first.

If you only have two hours to study, then you will have to determine what you need to study and how long you will spend on each subject. Don't forget to plan a break between each subject being studied.

Your brain will do better if you work for 20 minutes and take a 5 or 10 minute break. I know this seems like a waste of time, but after about 20 minutes you will find your brain needs some time to absorb what you have already put into it.

IF you eat a snack, make sure to eat a HEALTHY SNACK like an apple, orange or nuts. Sugary snacks will only make you sleepy!

Time management is very important. If you don't have time to finish everything, than you need to either decide if you want to do only part of each homework assignment or if you want to finish one and ask the teacher for an extension on the others.


Preparing for a test is easy if you have good study habits! However if you have ignored studying as you are learning the material, NO AMOUNT of cramming will help you take the test.

However, here are a few tips to help you prepare for the test.

  • Getting a good night's sleep before the test is VERY important. Staying up all night to cram for a test will only make your brain slow the next day. It is better to know part of the material then to try to cram it into your head at the last minute!
  • Ask your teacher at the beginning of the Unit what key points you will be expected to know for the test. This way you can make sure you are making notes for those points.
  • Flashcards (3X5 cards) are easier to review than written notes. During homework time, make your notes into flash cards. Write only the important facts on the cards.

  • Find a Study Buddy! Doing homework with someone is a lot more FUN than doing it alone! Just make sure you study! Transferring notes to flash cards will go faster for 2 people. It isn't necessary to do 2 sets of cards if you will be studying together.

  • With your Study Buddy, use the flash cards to quiz each other. Put the question you get wrong in a separate pile. There really is no point in quizzing questions you already know. FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW!

  • When you are preparing for your test, take five minute breaks after 20 minutes. This will help the material sink in.

  • After the break, review the cards that were wrong. By doing this, you are using your short term memory and it can move to long term memory.

  • Only review the information you had the most difficulty with in the morning. Make sure you get up a little earlier than normal so you can do a quick review. IF YOU HAVE TIME, you can review all of your cards.

  • Did I mention that your Study Buddy could be done over the internet with SKYPE or ZOOM, if your parents allow it. is a great site to review general information. Although this is designed to be used by students in the UK (United Kingdom), there is a lot of information that is useful for any student, anywhere! Visit the site, pick a topic and see how you fare.

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