Struggling 5th Grader Finds Success

by A Very Grateful Mom
(Topeka, KS)

Can I read to you?

Can I read to you?

My soon-to-be fifth grade son has seen Mrs. Armbruster since the summer before first grade. His Kindergarten teacher had expressed concerns regarding his ability to pick up reading and writing at the same pace as his peers.

I interviewed several tutors, and many had ideas, or things they've tried that seemed rather haphazard, such as having colored lenses over the letters.

Mrs. Armbruster had a very systematic approach that was easy to see in action. She knew where to start with teaching my son based on what he already knew and was able to monitor his progress weekly. We soon SAW RESULTS!

Ms. Armbruster has been able to address needed skills in various areas, such as fluency, decoding, comprehension and writing. She has also taught my son many math skills in a multi- sensory way that helped him really "get it" rather than learn by rote memorization.

My son can demonstrate challenging behavior and struggles paying attention. Mrs. Armbruster has worked with him as an individual, keeping him motivated and moving forward. She can focus on his individual needs and interests.

Recently I began homeschooling and Mrs. Armbruster was my biggest supporter. She helped link me up with resources, knew what to expect, and answered tons of questions. It has been a very rewarding learning relationship.

A Very Grateful Mom

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