The following is a partial listing of special needs camps for children and young adults with physical and/or developmental disorders.

There is also one listing for a website that list camps for special needs AS WELL as camps for those students without a disability.

Ability's First Camp Paivika -

  • Southern California - San Bernardino National Forest
  • Children - Young Adults

Camp Kodiak
Camp Kodiak, located in Ontario, Canada, is a camp for children and teens 6-18 years old with OR without learning disabilities, ADHD, high functioning autism spectrum disorder.  The camp offers the following amenities:

2:1 camper/staff ratio
Nut, peanut, sesame Free Diet

Academic Tutoring
Social Skills Program

Frontier Travel Camps 
Focuses on high functioning 16 - 25 year olds who want to make new friends and have an adventure, experience  independence, and improve social skills. Trained counselors, social workers, and a registered nurse or P.A.travel with the attendees.

Summit Camp -

  • Located:
    Pennsylvania Poconos
  • 8 - 19 year olds
  • AD/HD, Aspergers, OCD, verbal and non-verbal learning disabilities

For a more complete listing of summer camps for children and young adults without a disability look at this site(This site has not been updated since 2013, HOWEVER I have looked at the camps listed on this site.  90% of the camps listed are still in operation.)

This site has many different types of camps abroad as well as in the United States.

Here is a listing of some of them at this site:

  • Cooking Camps
  • Boys and Girls Camps
  • Marine Biology Camps
  • Music Camps
  • Residential Camps
  • Space Camps

  • Computer Camps
  • Equestrian Camps
  • Math Camps
  • Performing Arts Camps
  • Science Camps
  • Sports Camps

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