Does your child love soccer? Then this soccer reading corner will be a delight. This will delight either your son or daughter.

YEP, even girls like sports! My granddaughter is a HUGE soccer fan and even plays for her high school soccer team. I know another girl who LOVES hockey. If this is what they want, build it! Remember, you want to make this sports reading corner SO attractive s/he will want to be there instead of in front of the TV.

Below are some suggestions for making this reading corner. It will vary depending on your son or daughter's preferences. Some girls are tomboys and therefore will like the boy's stuff. Some girls, even though they play soccer, still like more girly things. So make sure you get her input before you start on this project.



This corner will definitely need a wall decal. The decal pictured here just sticks on the wall and peels off anytime you want to move it or change it.

Now if you want a life size figure of his favorite soccer player. These are so life like that you will think the player is actually coming through the wall.

These are also removable decals and usually cost upward of $100. However, sometimes you can purchase one for as little as $20 when they are on sale.



You will need a floor covering to make the corner more cozy and relaxed. If carpet is already on the floor, I suggest putting a small throw rug in front of the chair or bean bag. This helps delineate the space from the rest of the room.

If you want to keep the soccer theme with all of the furnishing, then you can buy any of these rugs that looks like a soccer ball from - Sleek Contemporary Designs For Your Home. Buy Furniture, Rugs & More! And Free Ground Shipping!


Let's decide on the chair next. You may want a modern chair or you may decide on this soccer chair.

If you're doing a girl's soccer reading corner, perhaps she would like a white, black, or soccer bean bag chair.

A video rocker chair would be great also. It would be versatile and would come in handy for those video games the kids love.


Now you need a bookcase. Depending on how big the area is will determine how big of bookcase you will need. You can also use plastic crates stacked on top of one another.

Pick a good light for this area since it is in the corner. I like floor lamps with 2 or 3 lights. These lights can be easily adjusted to make sure the corner is well lit.

Don't forget to stock this soccer reading corner with lots of books about soccer. You will need some of your child's favorite books; some of the ones you read as a child (copies probably) and some chapter books you can read together at night.


When you get your room finished, send me a picture. I would love to put it on the site for others to see. Make sure your soccer player is in the picture! Make sure you tell us about your adventure.


Do you have a home library picture to share? Please include any funny story that happened during the making of your library. Also tell others what the approximate cost was for your library or reading nook.

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