Want a reading corner for your child? But you have limited space? Here are some small reading nook ideas.

FIRST put a bunk bed or a loft bed in the room. Use the space under the bed for the reading corner. OR you can make the space a combined reading corner and study nook, like one of these above.

Use one of the themes listed or just make it a cozy space using what you already have.

SECOND, put down an area rug. This helps delineate the space from the rest of the room. If you get a loft bed without a desk, add a bean bag chair in one corner.

You can hang a portable clamp-on light from the bottom of the bed to hang over the chair.

NEXT, use plastic crates to hold your sons favorite books. Turn these on their sides and stack them on top of one another. OR you can put a different genre in each crate and stack these on top of each other. Put these in the other corner under the loft bed or under the desk.

If you don't want to use crates, you can find a small bookcase to put along one side.

IF you're following a theme, you can put a room decal under the bed in this small reading nook. To make this a study nook, put a small desk at one end. OR you can purchase a bunk bed or loft bed with a desk underneath as a set.

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