Recipe for Reading curriculum is one of the best curriculum available for students who are struggling with reading.

I have used Recipe for Reading curriculum for over 25 years.  This curriculum can be used with not only struggling readers but can be used with any child learning her alphabet getting ready to read.


The workbooks can be used independently and are not dependent on having to finish the prior workbook.  Test the child first to see what she already knows.  Then begin with the workbook that is the closest to what she is ready for.

In fact, I often start with Recipe for Reading Workbook 3 for students who are in 2nd grade.  They know their alphabet and short vowel sounds.  Most of these students are struggling with initial and ending consonant blends because they don't understand how to blend sl-e-d together to make the word sled.


Listed below is detailed information about each workbook and the decodable readers that correspond to each workbook.  I have also given a link for each one to make your ordering this curriculum easier.

The Recipe for Reading Curriculum workbooks can only be ordered separately.  The decodable readers, Alphabet Series Volumes 1 - 3, can be ordered as a set or each volume can be individually ordered.  Links are provided for you if you wish to purchase these.

Workbooks K - 2 and Manual

Workbook K:
Skills: k, d, g, m, l, h, t, j, k, p, b, r, f, n, s, w, y, v, z, qu
Vowels o, a, i, u, e

Workbook 1:
Skills: c, d, g, m, l, h, t, j, k, p, b, ch
Vowels:  o, a, i, u
CVC words

Page Sample:

Workbook 2:
Skills: reviews consonant letters, vowels and introduces sh, th, wh

Page Sample:

Use decodable readers Alphabet Series Volume 1 with Workbooks K - 2.  There are 16 books in this series.  Each book has larger print so the reader isn't intimidated.  The books contain coloring book type pages for the reader to color. 

The Recipe for Reading Manual takes the place of teacher guides.  The manual instructs the teacher how to introduce each lesson from Workbook K through Workbook 8.  This manual is so helpful you won't want to be without it

It also has additional phonological awareness exercises for introduction to new sounds.  The manual has fluency activities, words, and phrases to use for reading and dictation.

Workbooks 3 - 6


Compound words
Spelling rule for f, l, s, z
VC/CV Division Rule
Initial and Final Consonant Blends
Endings ng, nk

Page Sample


Suffix ed
Silent e
Open/Closed Syllable
Ph, ck, double vowels

Page Sample


R Controlled Vowels
Ow, ou, oo, igh
-le ending
Y at the end
-ld ending

Page Sample


Hard/Soft c and g
Aw, au, oi, oy
V/V Division Rule

Page Sample

Workbooks 3 - 6

Workbook 3

Workbook 4

Workbook 5

Workbook 6

Use decodable readers Alphabet Series Volume 2 with Workbooks 3 - 6.  There are 16 books in this series.  Each book has larger print so the reader isn't intimidated.  The books contain coloring book type pages for the reader to color. 

Workbooks 7 - 8


Ending ing
Spelling Rules
Ew, eu, eigh,
ei, ie, ue

Page Sample


ow, oo, ou
ea, ch, s

Page Sample

Recipe for Reading Workbooks 7 and 8 will use Alphabet Series Volume 3.  These three books are short chapter books with no pictures.  The font in these books are smaller than in the other two volumes.

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