Listed below are a few reading tips to help get you started on your journey to help your non-reader to become a life long reader.  Don't forget to check out the Site Map for even more helpful reading information.

Why isn't my child reading?

What should my child be reading?

What should  I (as a parent) be doing to encourage my child(ren) to read?

Where can I get good quality books?


There are usually several reasons why a child doesn't like to read.  Most children won't really know why they don't like to read, they will tell you they just don't.

Over the past 20 years, I have observed that any one or more of the following reasons contribute to a child's dislike for reading:

  • Parents aren't reading to them on a daily basis.

  • Parents aren't reading themselves.
  • The child is not at reading level and feels "dumb".

  • One or both parents had trouble reading and therefore they don't take the effort to read to the child(ren).

  • The child may have an undiagnosed reading or learning disability.

  • The child is so involved in sports or other activities s/he doesn't have time to read for pleasure.


First, find out his/her interests. Then pick books that have that theme.  For instance, most boys like factual information such as books about animals or race cars and the people who drive them.

Second, buy books on these themes.  DON'T just check out books about race cars.  Purchase some so they will be lying around the house.  Children usually read things more than once IF they like the theme.  Boys, especially, like to memorize facts. When they can tell a fact to someone else, it makes them feel important and knowledgeable.

Third, don't worry if the book seems below their grade level. Perhaps your child isn't reading on grade level and needs easier books to read. Easier books helps the child gain confidence in his/her reading ability.  It also helps their reading fluency.

Perhaps your child sees a book they want but you know they won't be able to read it because it is too difficult. Don't worry.  You have found the book that you will now read as a family or with him before he goes to bed.

Let the child pick the books that s/he will read or that you will be reading to them.  When a child has a vested interest in the book, s/he will enjoy listening to the story and/or reading the story.


The biggest and most important factor to encourage your child to read is to read yourself.  Let your child "CATCH YOU READING!" By modeling reading to your child, you will instill in them that this is important.

The second (and maybe tied with first) factor to encourage your child to read would be reading TO THEM at least 15 minutes per day. Reading to your child helps them to understand the written word in many different genres.

When you read to a child, you are helping them gain
background knowledge also known as prior knowledge.  Prior knowledge helps a child with comprehending a passage that is unfamiliar.

The third thing you can do to help encourage your child to read is to "bribe" them.  YES, I just said BRIBE.  You can give a child a reading buck for each book or so many pages read.  The reading buck can then be redeemed for real money at any time. You will have to determine how many pages read equals a reading buck earned.


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