of Learning Disabled Students

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AUSTIN - A severe dyslexic who is being home schooled. 

BRAD Brad is a 3rd grader who struggles with reading because of his ADHD.

CALEB - A 5th grade student with a 4th grade reading level. He was falling behind in school and was giving up. 

COURTNEY - Third grader who read at a 5th grade level but only comprehended at a 2nd grade level. Teachers wanted to promote her to 4th grade but the tutor thought she should repeat 3rd grade. 

GARY - He was diagnosed with a learning disability in 7th grade. In 1 1/2 years of tutoring he was reading at a 12th grade level.

JOHNNY - Kindergartner who was misbehaving in the classroom. The teacher overlooked his struggle with reading because she was unaware that he copied work from his neighbor. 

KARA - Fifth grade student reading at a 2nd grade level. She was in a class-within-a-class. She hated being singled out when the para came. She hated school.

KATI - An average 9th grader who wanted to go to college. She wanted to improve her skills so she could take the ACT tests.

MARIA - Maria was an ESL student who had been in the public schools for 4 years. She didn't know the alphabet. She was in 3rd grade and had memorized only a few words. No English was spoken at home.

SAM - Sam was a 3rd grader who hated to read. He had to read so many points for the Accelerated Reading Program.

SARAH LYNN A severe dyslexic who started therapy in 8th grade. She was in tutoring for 4 years. She was accepted into the teaching program at the local college. 

SEAN - Home school third grader who was having trouble reading. He had other disabilities and had gone to an occupational therapist.

TOMMY - A 4th grade student who had been "left behind" in the private school. His dad was on the Board of Directors so the teachers passed Tommy from one grade to the next.

You may also want to look at the triumph over Asperger's page. This has stories of young adults who have overcome the negative social affects of Asperger's to obtain their dream.

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