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An important way to get children interested in reading is with reading games. Actually, any game where a child has to read instructions to learn the game will benefit her.  There are reading games for all ages; from pre-school to games for adults, like scrabble.

Reading games are beneficial for several reasons.  Not only does a child have to figure out the rules of the game but as she is reading the instructions she is developing her concentration and thinking skills as she processes the information.

Reading games are specific to the reading process.  Some of these games will concentrate on comprehension while others will focus on sight words and still others will be focused on grammar and sentence building. 

Once your child learns a specific reading game, have her play it with a younger sibling or neighbor.  This will help reinforce what she has learned with this repetition of playing the game over and over.

Benefits of Playing Reading Games


Playing reading games ENCOURAGES a child's sense of competition.  Although many teachers, schools, and parents seem to stifle competition, I think it is healthy.  As children grow, they may want a certain part in a play at school or a certain position on a sport's team.  Encouraging competition through fun play will be one way to develop your child's competitive spirit.

As a child is competing in a friendly game, he will also develop his communication skills as the players talk back and forth or strategize with other players.


As a child plays reading games, she will develop other social skills besides communication.

She will learn face to face interaction with the other players, which is needed for good communication skills.  Children will learn to read their competitor's facial features and body language.

The players learn how to regulate their emotions of winning, losing or even being hurt because of a misunderstanding that might incur during the game.  She will learn patience as she waits on another player to take his turn.  


Your child will learn Delayed Gratification in that he may have to wait until another game to win.  He will learn how to be a good sport if he loses.

Games teach children how to Focus on what is at hand.  If it is a fast paced card game, a child who doesn't seem to focus well otherwise, may find a fast pace game of "war" easy.  OR  a child might find the game a challenge because he has to LEARN to focus in order to win.

Playing games, reading games, math games or card games will teach a child such things as decision making, consequences for a bad choice and how to solve a problem when it arises.

BEST OF ALL, games bring families together!

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