Products for Learning Disabled are products designed to help those who struggle with a reading disability , a learning difference or a learning disability . Some of these products are new on the market and some have been around for years but have been updated. If you find a product or know of a product I should have included on this page, please contact me.

ChromaGen™ Vision Lenses

Have you heard of ChromaGen™ Vision Lenses? These lenses are especially made for individuals with reading disorders, dyslexia or people who are color blind.

Several years ago, I heard about reading therapist who were having their students use color overlays on the page that they were reading. The students would also take these to school and use. For some children, these worked great. Others didn't find them so helpful.

How are these any different? I don't think there is a lot of difference between the two except one was a very noticeable solution, the overlay, and the other (the lenses) are a more acceptable solution.

Children with any disorder like dyslexia, a reading problem, or ADD/ADHD DON'T like to stand out. Who does? Glasses are a common occurrence, so having to wear them is not as big of crisis like pulling out an overlay to put on top of the page.

Another reason why I think these glasses are a good idea is because now when the child is in the car or elsewhere s/he can read the road signs or read a book in the doctor's office. The child can call these his reading glasses. Some children will think this is special because their friend has to wear glasses "all the time."

ChromaGen™ Vision Lenses are prescribed by an optometrist who has been trained. You can see testimonials at ChromaGen™ Vision.

NOTE: I have not tried these glasses. I don't know anyone who has used them. This article was merely for information purposes only. HOWEVER, if you or your child have used the overlays in the past and they worked, THIS is a better and more convenient way to achieve the same effect.

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