Primary Phonics workbooks
K- 2 are intended for the emerging reader. It is an Orton-Gillingham based phonics program.  Primary Phonics workbooks have large print as well as large pictures and teaches the eight basic colors. The K-2 workbooks are perfect for 3-5 year olds who have just learned the alphabet and are ready to start reading words.

Each comprehension workbook has 2 pages of comprehension questions for each storybook in its set.
Shown here is:
Set 1, Books 1 - 10

Sample of comprehension questions for Mac and Tab, Storybook Set 1, Book 1.

Storybook Sets 1 - Set 6 include 10 books each.

Each storybook set consist of 10 decodable books  and corresponds to a phonics workbook and a comprehension workbook. These storybooks are designed to reinforce what the student has been learning in the corresponding phonics workbook.

I have been using these readers for 20 years and highly recommend them for the struggling and reluctant reader. These easy to read books are an ego booster!

Primary Phonics Workbooks 3 - 6 are more difficult.  These can be used by the beginning reader once they have finished K-1 workbooks. 

I often use these workbooks with a 2nd or 3rd grader who is reluctant to learn to read because of some bad experience.  Because the print is larger than in the Explode the Code workbooks, Primary Phonics workbooks don't seem so intimidating.

Phonics Workbook 1

Phonics Workbook 2

Phonics Workbook 3

Phonics Workbook 4

Phonics Workbook 5

Phonics Workbook 6

short vowels and single consonant sounds

silent e, ie, oe, ee, oa, ai, ea, ee

Initial and final consonant blends, compound words, ck

ar, er, ir, or, ur words; sh, ch, tch, ng, nk, le, th, wh words; Introduces 2 syllable words

oo, ow, ou, ay, ey, y, aw, wa, all, al, alk

soft sounds of c and g; oi, oy, igh, ph, ew, au, old

All phonics workbooks review what was taught in the previous workbook. If you want to see a sample of the pages, click here

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