Primary Phonics Workbook pages will show you a couple of sample pages from each of the workbooks.  Click on the workbook you would like to see.  

Phonics Workbook 1

short vowels and single consonant sounds

Phonics Workbook 2

silent e, ie, oe, ee, oa, ai, ea, ee

Phonics Workbook 3

Initial and final consonant blends, compound words, ck

Phonics Workbook 4

ar, er, ir, or, ur words; sh, ch, tch, ng, nk, le, th, wh words; Introduces 2 syllable words

Phonics Workbook 5

oo, ow, ou, ay, ey, y, aw, wa, all, al, alk

Phonics Workbook 6

soft sounds of c and g; oi, oy, igh, ph, ew, au, old

Primary Phonics Workbooks K is a coloring book which teaches the alphabet.  Workbook 1 teaches short vowels and single consonants.  There are no samples for Workbook K, Workbook 1 and Workbook 2.

This is an example of the Primary Phonics Comprehension Workbook 1.  Each comprehension workbook corresponds to each set of decodable readers.


Primary Phonics Workbook 3

Primary Phonics Workbook 4

Primary Phonics Workbook 5

Primary Phonics Workbook 6

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