On-line courses are gaining in popularity. Many public schools now offer a virtual classroom to parents who want to homeschool their child(ren). But beware! These internet public schools still require the parents to use the curriculum that is being used in the public school. There is very little flexibility in these public school K-12 classes.


Do you have a high school student who is ready to be challenged? Does s/he have a desire to work with computers. Perhaps you have a learning disabled child that has anxiety attacks and is afraid to leave home. OR your son wants to go to college but he needs a school that will accommodate his learning style.

The internet has unlimited resources available. In fact there is so much to choose from that it can be mind boggling. What on-line courses should my daughter take? Will there be tutors available if she needs them? What internet school should she use?

I have done some research that may help you. I have listed some top on-line courses for high schools and colleges designed for the learning disabled or struggling student.

If you find a college that you like and you think it is a good choice for your child, then talk with someone at the school and plan to visit the school with your teenager. Internet classes are a good match for the LD student who isn't quite ready to leave home but is ready to move one with school.

If you decide to use internet courses through an university, make sure you check it out thoroughly. Many on-line courses are actually affiliated with a college or university which can be visited.

Before signing up with any internet course, try to talk with an administrator or advisor so that you know what you are paying for. Also you want to make sure that the on-line credits are transferable to other colleges if your student should decide to go elsewhere.

If you decide to home school K-12 using on-line courses, you can check these out through many web sites that critique the different on-line schools.

However, the best way to decide on curriculum is by going to a local or state Home School Convention and looking at the material first hand. Usually these conventions have workshops where you can ask questions from veteran home school parents that are using internet courses.

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