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This page will describe the new sites that I have found on the internet. I will then give you a link so that you can investigate for yourself to see if they will be beneficial to you or for your student.

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Notice that this Sway'n Fun is wheelchair accessible as well as it has seats for the non-disabled to join them.

Accessible Playgrounds are places where children can play regardless of their disability. It is a playground that incorporates playground equipment that is accessible to children that don't have a handicap as well as to the child that has a disability such as crutches. Accessible playgrounds even accommodate children in wheelchairs.

This wonderful site includes a list of accessible playgrounds in each state. You can see pictures and descriptions of some of these playgrounds. Accessible playgrounds even has guidelines so that your city can build an accessible playground. You will also find fundraising ideas and ADA guidelines on this site.

Explore this site. Find out if your city or state has an accessible playground. IF they do, let me know what you thought about it.

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