Our successes are only as big as our dreams.

I first introduced myself on the web page WHO AM I? This is the rest of my story. My story is about how I created my own web site using SITE BUILD IT (SBI)'s web design tutorials to make a top notch web business. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

You will also find information about how you, or your teenager can start your own web business.


My SBI Story (prelude) actually starts in 2002 when I hired someone to establish a web site for me. I had to write all the content. The web master then proceeded to create a site for me. However, once it was on line, I couldn't make many corrections or changes. Of course I could pay him to make major changes for me. But I wanted to be in control of the content on my site and I wanted to be able to change it at any time. However, at the time, it was the only option I had.

He promised me that I would have lots of traffic because the other sites he had designed had traffic. He said that he would list me in all of their web site directory pages and that I should list them. This would help establish links and traffic.

I had no idea what he was talking about, so I said okay! Do Your Thing! Make this happen!


Eight years later, I finally decided it was time for me to do something myself. I had had no activity and I was paying a maintenance fee every year.

Even though I worked from home, the income was not what I wanted it to be. Also, I wanted to be able to reach more students who would benefit from my type of instruction.

Early in 2010, I decided to act upon the idea I had had for nearly 4 years. That idea was to have a virtual interactive web site. My problem was that I didn’t know anything about web sites. I knew very little about computers.

I started searching the web for site developers. I found SBI, Site Build It! I was very impressed with what I read. At first I thought it was a little pricey, but after checking out what I would get, I signed up. My SBI Story begins!


When I told my husband that I was going to build my own web site, he thought I was @#%&*(nutty)!!! He told me that his son had paid someone tens of thousands of dollars to create a web site for him and he didn't think that I would be able to do this.

I had plenty of time on my hands. I was not substituting that much and needed something to do. Why not try this. AND I really like creating THINGS!!

My SBI Story conclusion: I feel like I have gotten another college degree by following all of the SBI steps to building a web site.


Recently, I was at Best Buy. I had to take a new computer back and had to talk with the Geek Squad. The young man who waited on me was a former student of mine. YEA!!

I asked him if he had gotten any training after high school. BECAUSE OF HIS LOVE OF COMPUTERS, he went to a Technical School/VoTech school. He also told me he had just started with a large corporation in our town. He will be doing IT work for them.

I tell you this story because he was a student that needed lots of help. He had severe dyslexia, BUT HE HAS LEARNED ways to deal with it and he is doing something he loves doing--working with computers.


If you have a learning disabled child that LOVES COMPUTERS, is in high school and is worried about what they are going to do after they graduate, SBI! could be for them.

Having him/her build a web site would be a confidence builder. Not only do they have to use a lot of computer skills (which they would love!) BUT they would be using a lot of language skills.

Many LD students hate the idea of writing anything. BUT, if it is about something they have a passion for, then they are more willing. A program like Dragon Speak can help them achieve the writing they need to do IF this is something they want to do.

Many learning disabled students are very knowledgeable in one area. For example, perhaps your child knows all about coins because s/he has been collecting them since s/he was 4 years old. This information would allow her/him to be an infopreneur.


If you are a stay at home mom wishing you could earn a little extra money to contribute to the family’s budget, then Solo Build It! could be for YOU!

Although home school moms are very busy organizing their children's education, some still have to find a way to earn an income. Some moms work at night while their husbands are at home. Other mothers work 12 hour shifts 3 days in order to teach at home 4 days. Whatever your circumstance, perhaps a home based internet business would work for you.

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