On Kids science sites, you will find the best science websites for kids that I can find. I have previewed all of these sites and recommend them to you. Here are a couple of the sites you will find for all ages.

Zoobooks Magazine

Aviation for Kids

This site was started by a dad because his 5 year old son was interested in aerodynamics, the science of flight. This is what George says about his site:

"The content can be used in different ways. Parents and teachers can get some ideas for easy and fun science projects based on aviation technology.

Also, I included many suggestions about how different fields of knowledge can be integrated into one project."

I think you will enjoy this site. Your child will love the project where he gets to send a frog into space! Do you have a soccer player? She will learn about the aerodynamics of a soccer ball.

Science Kids

This is one of the best sites I have found. It is totally FREE and has experiments, games, facts, jokes, quizzes, projects, videos and lessons. This site has games that 1st graders would be able to play with some supervision. The general information would be appropriate up to 6th grade.


I have found many more sites that I think are quality science websites for kids. My searches will save you and your child hundreds of hours of searching the internet.

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