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  • favorite classics that I think are worth reading

  • or not so newly published books but some of my favorite reading material.

The Kids Book Review page will be dedicated to reviewing:

Hundreds of new books come on the market every year and I will not be able to read all of them.  Therefore, everyone is invited to submit their reviews.  If it is a book worth reading, make sure you tell us why.  IF a book is not worth purchasing, I'm sure the readers would want to know that as well.

Currently featured on Kids Book Review are the following books:

Sweet Magnolia

Personalized ABC Book

The Fox Diaries

Sweet Magnolia

Sweet Magnolia,
by Virginia Kroll

Denise has waited for her 8th birthday for the trip of her life.  It is a family tradition that when a child turns 8 years old they get to go to their grandmother's for the summer.  Denise's grandmother is an animal rehabilitator in the Louisiana bayou.

Her sisters wish her well as she prepares to leave.  Denise looks at their special treasure they brought back and wonders what she will come home with.

Her grandmother teaches her many things while she is there.  Denise learns about the animals that live in the bayou and she learns how to take care of the hurt animals and birds that they find.

As Denise's time winds down and it is time to go home she still hasn't found that "special treasure".  On her last day, as she is saying good-bye to the animals, she finds the treasure she will take home.

As you or your child read this book, they will be enchanted with the pictures as well as the story.

ABC - What I Can Be

Recently, I was given the chance to preview a book by

The book that was created and personalized for my grandson, Jordan, was ABC-What I Can Be.  (When you order the book, the I is replaced with whatever name you choose).

My grandson loved this book because he is just learning to read. Although he wasn't able to read the book without help, he enjoyed the personalization of each page.  Every page had either his first or last name or a name of an university in the state where he lives. The front inside cover had a dedication to Jordan from us.

Jordan said his favorite thing about the book was that it "had my name in it."  As his dad was reading part of the book to him, Jordan said to his grandfather, "Did you make this book?"  I think he said that because he couldn't believe a book was about him and what he could be!

Watch this short 2 minute video of Jordan and his dad reading portions of the book.

I See has personalized placemats, birthday books, coloring books, ABC books and other gift items.  

The Fox Diaries

The Fox Diaries: The year the foxes came to our garden, by Valarie Budayr, is a true account of the lives of foxes that came to the author's garden to live.  

Valarie and her family live near a forest in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. For several weeks, she would glance out her kitchen window and see a fox spying back at her.  The fox would watch her and then walk away.  Then one day she noticed the fox wasn't there anymore.

Several weeks later the fox returned with four kits (baby foxes).  That's when Valarie decided to start documenting the foxes and their actions through words and pictures.

This book can be used to spark a youngster's interest in wildlife at its best.  Valarie has done a great job in capturing all aspects of a fox's life and the lives of the kits.  Ms. Budayr has personalized the foxes by giving them names. 

The Fox Diaries is more than a book about foxes.  It is a photo album as well as a well told story.  You can get her book at

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