"Everything you need for a better future and success has already been written. AND GUESS WHAT? All you have to do is go to the library.
Jim Rohn

Building a home library is essential for supporting and helping to grow a child's desire to read.

It's easy to build a home library. Bookcases along one wall in the den or family room is a great place to have not only books but also DVD's of books that were made into movies. Even a basket of books in the living room is a start.

If you are able, don't forget to design a reading corner for your child so that they can have their own personal reading nook.

A reading nook can be made anywhere: a corner of a child's room under the loft bed, the top bunk of a stacked bed, and even in a tree house.

Most people have started a library and don’t even know it. The problem is that LIFE gets busy and reading a book for pleasure ends up on a wish list instead of something on the TO DO LIST.

I’m going to give you some ideas of what you can do to get a library established in your home. One of the first things you will want to do is start finding books. Click on this link and it will give you several ideas of where to find books.

Perhaps you're asking yourself "But what's new?" OR maybe you're saying, "I want to read, but I don't have time to go to the bookstore to see what is new." I have the solution for you!

Reading Books 4 Fun is a book site. It's a site where others talk about what they are reading. The site's creators are avid readers and share their love of books and their own top 10.

So start gathering your books and let’s plan your library.



  • What room am I going to put the library in?
    You may only be able to have books in a centralized location due to the size of the house and lack of space. Choose wisely as you want the entire family to be able to have access to the books.

  • Do I have book shelves I can use or do I need to purchase some?

  • How much money am I going to spend?

Having a budget is very important! IF you are serious about this, you don’t want it to get out of hand financially and then just drop it and not finish the project. Budget for the books shelves, the books and any videos or digital recordings you will be adding to the library.

If this is going to be in a spare room, you may even want to budget for a chair, a side table, a reading lamp and even an area rug. If it is in a child’s room, don’t forget to budget for a bean bag chair for a reading corner.

Your budgeted amount will determine how you obtain your books and other materials for your home library. Click here to get ideas where to find books.

  • What kind of books and digital material am I going to put on the shelves? 

It's important to have books for each member of the family. Ask each member what kind of books they want. Perhaps they can be responsible for finding their own books. After you have finished your budget, allow each family member a certain amount to spend on books or videos.

Be in agreement about the videos each person chooses.  I would suggest educational videos about nature, history and science.  Since movies can be purchased so easily on TV or on the computer through streaming services, purchasing the educational videos makes more sense as children have a tendency to watch these type of shows over and over again.

Before a parent gives a child money to purchase books of their choosing, parents should have some standards as to what is acceptable and what is not.  Since this library will be accessed by every member in the family, the books should not have objectionable material in them.

"I think that having a bookshelf of good books in the living room is a great idea. Even if you have a Library in a separate room because that one book will keep jumping off the shelf at you every time you walk past the shelf, tempting you to just pick it up and read just one page! Also if you have the kids books at their eye level you are sure to start to get asked "Can you read to me?" writes Trina, a friend's homeschooled daughter.

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Zoobooks Magazine



A nice comfortable chair, a book shelf, and a good reading light will make a corner of the family room just the right spot for a quiet reading nook. Adding a nice picture or two on the wall behind the chair will set a serene mood. Don't forget the comfy throw over the back of the chair!


If you’re a person that likes to read in bed, then make sure you have a good reading light available. Perhaps your spouse is one who likes to sleep and doesn’t like the light on. Get a Kindle or another type of e-book. These have screens that light up so you don't have to keep your spouse awake while reading in bed.


Click the links below for ideas of how to decorate your child's room.

Boys Reading Corner
Girls Reading Corner
Soccer Reading Corner

If at all possible I would suggest the every child have a corner of their room dedicated to a Reading Corner. This will encourage reading because s/he will have their own space, and their own books and their own home library.

Hope you and your family have fun building your home library. Let me know what you did. Take a picture and send it to me. I would love to see it.

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Do you have a home library picture to share? Please include any funny story that happened during the making of your library. Also tell others what the approximate cost was for your library or reading nook.

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