Below are some ideas on how to make a girls reading corner. Every child should have a special place to go to in order to "get away from it all" and read. By making this special place for her, your telling your daughter how important reading is.

For ideas for a boy's reading corner, click here.

Before you start this process make sure you have read the guidelines on how to plan and budget for a home library. It's also important to involve your child in the decision of what her girls reading corner is going to look like.

One girl may want her corner designed around a favorite color. Another may like one of the themes below or a soccer theme.

For your shopping convenience, I have included some text links and logo buttons (on the right) for some of the furniture and furnishings I mention.

These are not intended to obligate you to buying on-line. I have put these here so that you can go to a site and look at several options. You then can order via internet or go shopping at your favorite home furnishings or discount store.


What young girl doesn't like the Disney Princesses? If your daughter dreams of being a princess, or identifies with Ariel, Cinderella, or Tiana, then she will be thrilled with this themed reading corner.

Let's start with a wall decal. These are very huge posters that literally stick to the wall! But don't worry, they peel right off when you want to move them.

These princess decals are from Fun Rooms For Kids OR if you're looking for something easy, they also have kits that can be put up in minutes. Choose from kits such as Princess, Funky Flowers or Dress Up plus many more for girls as well as boys.

WallCandy® Arts is another place with fun decals for the wall. They also have removable chalkboards or whiteboard decals. You can get these in many FUN shapes and sizes.

Next you will have to decide on a color scheme to go with the decal. Use a contrasting color to your decal. That way the decal won't fade into the wall. Of course the color scheme will be limited to what the rest of the room looks like.

Now, let's put down an area rug. Even if you have a carpet in the room, I like to delineate the space with a small area rug. The rug can be as big as your corner space or you can select a small throw rug to put in front of the chair.

Now, you need to decide on the chair for this girls reading corner. You'll want a cozy chair. It needs to be a kid's chair, not the left over recliner from the basement.

You might even decide on a bean bag chair. You want a chair that your child thinks is comfy. You want her using this girls reading corner. If the chair isn't comfortable, she won't use it.

You will need a small table for a reading lamp. The table can be one of those plastic patio ones. Use a white one or spray paint it to match your decor. You can also use a pink plastic crate and cover it with a dollie or cloth.

Or you may want to just put a kid's sized nightstand next to the chair. This one has a couple of shelves for the books and you can put a small lamp on the top.

Choose a cute desk lamp to place on the small table or crate. OR you may want to use a floor lamp. The lamp needs to be one that puts out good lighting. Ones that have an arm that can be adjusted is the best.

Next, decide on the bookcase. I like the ones especially made for a kid's room. This kids stacking bookcase is great for a small space. Another style of bookcases are ones with 2 or 3 shelves. For this corner, you don't need a large one unless you want to put some collectibles on it also.

FINALLY, stock the shelves with books. Make sure you put her favorite author on the shelf. Girls like magazines as well. Give her one or two of your favorite books you had when you were her age. She will read them just because you did. Go ahead and put her picture books on the shelves also. She can read them to little visitors when you have company.

If your not sure what books she may like, look at Read Kiddo Read site together. It has list of books especially for girls of all ages with a review for all the books.


NOW THAT YOU know how to make a girls reading corner, here are some more themed ideas. Also, don't forget to check out the furniture and furnishing sites I have provided for you. This will give you some idea about how much money this will cost you.

OF COURSE, you can always find great bargains at thrift stores, garage sales and department store closeouts. It takes more time because you might have to look several places before you find what you want. But having your daughter help you refurnish a bookcase will give her a sense of ownership.

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