Most people with a disability have trouble getting motivated. A person with a learning disability is no different.

If a child or an adult have struggled with reading and/or learning, more than likely s/he has thoughts of being inadequate. Low self-esteem is common among children with learning disabilities.

Included on this page are videos and articles about young people and adults who struggle with life.  Some of these people struggled with learning, some of them didn't see fruition of their dream until they were senior adults.  One thing they all have in common--motivation.

I hope you or your child will be inspired by these stories that I have included on this page.  I know that some of these stories brought tears to my eyes.  When children understand that there are others out there struggling like they are, they aren't so quick to think that they are "nothing."  Hopefully, getting motivated will spark that flame that keeps them going by achieving each goal and reaching for that dream they didn't think was possible.


Trent Girone - Wheel of Fortune Fame 

This is an amazing story of courage.  Trent Girone of Peoria, Az. was the first special needs contestant on Wheel of Fortune. Trent, 21, has  Asperger's, a high functioning Autism, and Tourette Syndrome.  He also has had 9 brain operations.  He has been watching Wheel of Fortune since he was 2 years old.  Being on Wheel of Fortune was a dream come true for him.

Girone wanted to be a part of history.  He sure was.  Even though he didn't win America's game, he won America's heart on April 30, 2014.

Why is this courage?  Because this young man didn't let his disability stop him from what he had always wanted to do. Watch him and be inspired.

Nick Vujicic

Maurice Snell and His Music

2 young autistic men, Maruice Snell and his friend Terry, help other autistic children find a love for music.  Even with severe autism, these men are able to motivate a room full of people because of their music.

The FONZ - Henry Winkler

"THE FONZ!"  Anyone who lived through the 70's and early 80's will know who this is!  Watch this interview with Henry Winkler to find out how he dealt with dyslexia and how he succeeded in spite of his learning disability.


Tom Goudie - A man who ran successful businesses but didn't find out he had dyslexia until he was a successful adult who finally obtained his high school diploma well into his adulthood.

Cliff Young - an Australian who, at 61, ran his first ultra marathon.  An ultra marathon is a 7 day race covering more than 545 miles.  He ran his last race when he was 78 years old.  Cliff never gave up.  He began something that some 30 year old people couldn't finish.  What an inspiration to ALL!

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