The best way for children to learn how to read is by using what READING SPECIALIST call decodable books.  These are books that build upon the phonetic sounds that the child is learning at any particular time.  See decodable book page.

Bob Books, Primary Phonics, and Alphabet Series are the ones I use.  Click on the one below and order yours today from Amazon.

Primary Phonic Readers can be bought in sets separately or you can purchase all sets at one time.  The readers also have corresponding workbooks for each reading set.  These workbooks help to reinforce comprehension.

A teacher's guide covering Sets 1, 2 and 3 is also available.

Of course there are many other sets of books which are classified as first readers.  Many first readers have sight words as the main focus.  The decodable books above focus on the sequence in which letter sounds and words are introduced to the student.

Make sure when you pick a first reader that you tailor it to the interest of the child.  Below are some other first readers that might appeal to your child.


These other specialty book stores which are included in the Reading Cornerstone Store were created just for you so that you don't have to browse thousands of books only to obtain a book that may not be right for you.  I have included not only books that I have read but books that have been recommended to me by colleagues. 

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