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TopekaTutoring.com and learning-disabilities-reading-tutor.com are dedicated sites for online tutoring using a conferencing site like SKYPE (a FREE download) or ZOOM (FREE for the 1st thirty minutes).  Online tutoring is the next best thing to being in the classroom. 

Using the internet makes learning portable!  You can go anywhere and take the classroom and teacher with you! Specialized help is now available to the struggling student who lives in a rural area or a small town. 

TopekaTutoring.com and learning-disabilities-reading-tutor.com can come to your house through the computer screen either with a laptop, tablet or even the phone!  This is a proven method and works very well for those who may not have a specialized Orton Gillingham teacher in your school district.

If you would like a FREE CONSULTATION ($40 value), please call me at 785-845-1201 between the hours of 8AM and 9PM Standard Time. If you live within driving distance of Topeka, KS, you can schedule an on site visit.  Go to TopekaTutoring.com.

I strive to give professional service for the lowest possible price. Fees for services rendered are listed below. For my convenience and yours, I use the services of PayPal® if you want to pay by credit card. However, please note there is a small handling fee per transaction. PayPal® will show this as a shipping fee.

If you want to enlist me for any of these services, please Contact Me.

Via the Internet

10 sessions/$400**

1 session/$45


This is for students who are currently enrolled.

10 sessions/$350**
(New Students Only and
Cannot be combined with a discount coupon)

**All Fees are subject to handling fees and taxes.  If you want to forego the handling fees/taxes, you may send a money order prior to the start date.

All sessions are done through SKYPE or some other video conferencing service.


Testing/Evaluation - $125
(does not include a written report)

General Phonics and Reading Evaluations will be done on the first day of class. NO CHARGE.


Written Printed
Report -                           $25

E-mail Written Report -    $20

All fees are paid through PayPal® prior to the first session. Sessions are scheduled ahead of time. A class must be rescheduled one (1) week prior to the scheduled class. Only 1 rescheduled class allowed per 10 sessions. There are no refunds for cancelled or missed sessions.

Sessions can be scheduled 1, 2 or 3 times a week. For children in 3rd grade and below, parents need to be sitting at the computer with the child. This allows the parents to know what is being taught and in what manner. The parents will also know what the homework will be between sessions.

For children in 4th grade and up, it is not necessary for the parents to be present at the computer during the tutoring session. HOWEVER, the parent needs to be able available at the end of the session so they will know what the homework assignment will be between sessions.



For those outside the Topeka area, this can be done over the telephone or with Skype or Zoom.  Schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation today.


Topeka, KS area - See Topeka Tutoring


I have been a proponent of home schooling since the mid 1980’s. I attend at least one home school conference every year in order to “scope out” new products.

IF you are going to attend a conference/convention within a 4 hour drive from Topeka, Kansas, I am available to walk you through the “mind boggling” first time curriculum selection process.

This requires an initial consultation in order to find ou
t the student’s learning style and the teacher’s goals, needs and desires.



  • Conference entry fee + All Day Attendance with you -  $250

  • Conference entry fee + 1/2 day attendance with you  - $150

  • *travel expense (mileage and tolls and/or airfare)
  • *lodging expense (if needed)

*to be paid at the conference


If you want to enlist any of my services above, please use the form below. Please include the following information:

1)  Your e-mail address so that I can contact you as soon as possible to set up a meeting via Skype; or I can schedule a meeting with ZOOM.

2)  What grade your child is in and how your child is struggling;

3)  If your child is on any medication or has been diagnosed with a learning disability. If so, please state the medication and the type of learning disability.


Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


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