The Fairy Reading Corner is a themed reading corner for your daughter. Making a special place for her to develop her reading skill will help her succeed in school. Listed below are some suggestions for making this special place.

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I always like to start with a wall decal. These just give the space a little flair with a minimal cost. The best thing is they stick (like a post-it-note) and are removable when you want to change or move them. This one is from Bedding Inn.

Beddinginn Free Shipping on Wall Art

I suggest using a separate throw rug in front the chair or bean bag. This helps delineate the space from the rest of the room. Use a pink shag rug like this one. A forest green rug would also look nice with a pink or white chair.

You can also find some great buys and sleek contemporary designs for your home at Bedding Inn. 

A good reading light is very important. You can use a floor lamp or a desk lamp. If you use a floor lamp, try to get one that has a lamp that points to the ceiling and an extra arm that is adjustable that point downward.

If the bookcase is no taller than the chair, then you can place a small desk light on the top of the bookcase by the chair. A lamp with an adjustable neck would be best. However, a cute lamp like this one with ballerina shoes is adorable!

Accessorize with a white bookcase. The size of the bookcase will depend on how much space you have. If you don't have room for a bookcase, use a white wicker basket so she can keep books from the library here.

DON'T FORGET to stock the shelf with your daughter's favorite kind of books. These are the ones that she will call her friends. Also have copies of your most favorite books.

If she can't read them yet by herself, make a point of having a story time at bedtime so you can read them to her. She will want to read these simply because you read them.

This Fairy reading corner will be a big hit with girls in K-2nd grade especially. You can start your daughter on the lifelong journey of reading by sitting beside her on the rug at night reading her a bedtime story.

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