I recommend the following educational websites.  I know how limited your time is so I have striven to include only the sites that would give you the most bang for your time.  This means that the site has some "real meat" to it (meaningful information).

In order to cut down spam, you will need a password to see these sites. This password will work for all the sites listed. To request a password in order to see all of the sites listed,  click here.

AFTER you receive your password, come back here and click on any page below. It will take you to the page, type in the password, and your desired page will pop up!

For your convenience, the other pages will be listed at the bottom of each of the educational website pages. Just click on the page you want to see next. ENJOY exploring!

  • American History Sites
    This page is about American History. These sites are about the Revolutionary War, WWII, Presidents and many more.

  • Educational Book Sites
    This is my most favorite page. I have included sites that have interactive reading. This means the author reads the story and the student can see the words and pictures and follow along.

  • Educational Games Websites
    This page lists several sites that have educational games. Beware, some of the games you might have to subscribe to on a monthly basis. ALSO you will find a site for toys made especially for special needs children.

    K-5 Star is such a site. It has games for reading, phonics and math. Elementary grades from K to 5th are covered.

Homeschool Resources Websites
This page includes sites for American History, Music and Language Arts. There is also a site for homeschool parents showing a step by step process in setting up curriculum goals. One site offers free templates for your use in improving your homeschool and shows how to consider child development stages when sitting up a homeschool curriculum.

  • LD Information Websites
    This page has other sites that deal with autism, Asperger's, Apraxia and other learning disabilities.

  • LD Schools and Colleges
    The schools, colleges and summer camps listed on this page are especially designed for the student with learning disabilities.

    Perhaps you have a child who wants earn a degree but would rather do it on-line.  This site is listed also.

  • Math Websites
    This page lists sites that deal mainly with basic math skills, algebra and geometry.

  • Science Sites
    One of the biggest worries for most kids is "WHAT WILL I DO FOR MY SCIENCE PROJECT?" This page will give you some sites that have science fair projects. These are listed by grade level. You will also find some other really fun and interesting sites.

  • One site you will find is Cool Science Projects. This site helps motivate the student to do a science project based on what s/he enjoys. There is also a guide that walks the student through the science project process along with countless tips and ideas to help the student get started. These steps help turn the loved hobby into a project that the student will enjoy doing. 

    • Tutoring Services
      These are private tutoring sites that I have investigated and personally recommend. One such site is The Tutoring Expert.  Why Hire a Tutor? Tutors aren't just for kids struggling in school, says the editor of All over the world, parents are hiring tutors to help advanced kids aim even higher. Find out what parents should know about preparing their children to compete and learn in a global economy.
  • World History Sites
    Just like this says, this page includes exploring places in the world and learning about the history of that region. For instance, you will find a site all about the Roman Empire.


    While visiting Learning Disabilities Reading Tutor, you may see something you would like to purchase. For that reason, I have included some merchandising sites. Most of these sites will have their logo button listed on the right side of the page.

    Amazon is one of the sites I will direct you to for purchase of children's books. Amazon sells new and USED books. If you BUY your books on-line, purchase used ones and SAVE MONEY!

    Another site for children's books is Christian Books. It has excellent resources for teens, children as well as adults. CB also has videos, games, gifts and some clothing items. Homeschool curriculum and other resources are also available.

    The main goal of this website is to help parents and teachers teach students with learning disabilities. A book or item purchased from this website, helps me maintain a quality website. THANK YOU

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