Parents who want to homeschool or just help their child succeed in school by helping them at home may find these workbooks helpful.  These are the ones I use in my after school program.

I use Explode the Code, Primary Phonics or Recipe for Reading as my main curriculum.  However, there are several good programs available.

These workbooks are also available as single workbooks instead of in sets. In the search box above just type in "Explode the Code #".

These workbooks can also be ordered separately if you do not wish to purchase the entire set at once.  Simply type Primary Phonics # in the search box.

On the Primary Phonics Workbook Page you will find a couple of sample pages for each book.  Under each book listed you will find the letter sounds or rules taught in that book.  I have also listed which set of decodable storybooks that is used with each workbook.  The storybooks allows the child to practice reading what was taught in the workbook.

Recipe for Reading has decodable readers that can be used with the workbooks:
       Alphabet Series Volume 1 - set of 18 readers
       Alphabet Series Volume 2 - set of 18 readers
       Alphabet Series Volume 3 - set of 3 chapter books
       Alphabet Series Set 1-3    - set of 39 readers

These workbooks are also available separately.  In the search box type Recipe for Reading Workbook #.

For a detailed description of each Recipe for Reading Workbook and to find out what volumes correspond to the workbooks go to the Recipe for Reading page.

If you don't find a workbook here, please try School Specialty or EPS, for excellent workbooks for students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities.

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