Critical thinking is very vital to improving reading comprehension. The books listed in this store help improve weak reading comprehension skills. Look no further for the best skill

building workbooks. I have used several of these in my practice and recommend them because they are challenging as well as fun.

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Mind Benders has won the Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award, Recommended Materials for the Gifted, Mensa and other such awards.

Skills developed through the use of these materials: mental organization, reading comprehension, logic development and problem-solving skills.

These books are engaging for the learner and easy for the teacher to use as the answers are in the back of the book. Thus eliminating the need for a separate teacher's manual.

278333: Mind Benders Book 3, Grades 3-6 Mind Benders Book 3, Grades 3-6
By The Critical Thinking Company

Build critical thinking skills with Mind Benders' collection of brain-tantalizing teasers. Mind Benders have proven successful with children of a wide range of ability and motivation. Students learn to carefully analyze each puzzle and its clue, identifying logical associations between people, places, and thinks as they work from the most obvious to the less obvious associations.

Answers are best found with the use of the included charts, marking off one possibility after another, narrowing down the possibilities for each choice. Notes are included about the clues to prevent over-thinking problems, and an example problem is included that walks you through the solution.

42 reproducible pages, softcover. Book 3; Grades 3-6; easy-level of difficulty.

Here are some other books in the series:

Mind Benders Book 4, Grades 3-6

Mind Benders Book 5, Grades 7-12

Mind Benders Book 6, Grades 7-12

Mind Benders Book 7, Grades 7-12

Mind Benders Book 8, Grades 7-12

The following are the same type of workbooks as above. Having additional workbooks allows for additional practice.

Mind Benders Gr 6-12 Book B1

Mind Benders Gr 6-12 Book B2

Mind Benders Gr 6-12 Book B3

Mind Benders Gr 6-12 Book B4

Mind Benders Book C1, Grades 7-12

Mind Benders, Book C2, Grades 7-12

Mind Benders Gr 9-12 Book C3


These workbooks provides activities to help a student develop their reasoning skills in both the verbal and non-verbal areas.

441508: Building Thinking Skills Level 2 Building Thinking Skills Level 2
By The Critical Thinking Company

Develop critical thinking skills in all academic areas--reading, writing, math and science--with this reproducible book of higher thinking activities.

Visual and word-based exercises will work on improving recognition and understanding of analogies, classifications, antonyms & synonyms, spatial awareness, vocabulary development, descriptive writing, graphic organizers and more.

408 reproducible pages, softcover. Answer key includes reduced student pages with correct answers overlaid. Level 2: Grades 4-6.

7th - 12th grade:

Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Figural

Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Verbal

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