Here is a great link that explains everything about Common Core in simple words.

American Principles Project has five videos that will explain Common Core, how it will affect your family's privacy and what it means to local control of education.  I hope you will take time to watch these.


In 2013, when I created this page, I gave 10 reasons to oppose the Common Core Standards.  Currently it has been 10 years since President Obama instigated common core.  There are now 11 reasons to oppose these standards:

UPDATE: 2020

#11 Reason to Oppose Common Core:
In April 27, 2020, the Pioneer Institute stated that it has been 10 years since the adoption of Common Core AND reading and math scores have dropped nearly 1 point EVERY year since 2013.

The original top 10 reasons opposing Common Core:

·        The standards have not been field tested

·        They were not approved by the Congress.

·         40 states adopted these standards before the            standards had even been written.

·         Usurps local control of curriculum.

·         Standards have been designed so that all students    will be able to enter a community college or a trade school thus the standards have been lowered.

·         Will burden local government with unfunded mandated regulation.

·         DEA circumvented the 1974 law that says no third party can gather information on students.

·         The Department of Education has violated federal law that says that the DEA cannot influence curriculum and assemble a national database.

·         These standards are written, owned and copyrighted by two companies.

·         The people didn’t get to vote!

Is Common Core Dead in 2020?

Since the beginning of 2020, the Department of Education, with Betsy DeVoss as head, has declared that Common Core is dead.  However that is debatable as many computer programs used in schools across the nation were built around the common core standards. The I-reading program for math and reading are embedded in many school districts across the nation.

Another reason to question whether common core is dead is because of the high stakes testing that is used to evaluate school districts, schools, teachers and students.  As long as the high stakes testing is aligned with common core, then common core won't be dead. The most noteable high takes tests are the ACT and the SAT tests for high school students.  Both the ACT and SAT tests are common core friendly.

Ten (10) years ago the main goal of common core was to try to get all the school districts across the nation to test the same thing.  Common core was (in 2010) touted as being the catalyst to pole vault the lower achieving students to the top.  BUT instead it has wounded the lower achievers EVEN more.

The problem with common core testing and common core teaching is that the two don't correspond.  The teaching standard may be for an ESL student to speak and write 10 words.  But the test may only be able to test the writing and not the speaking standard.  Therefore, what good is the standard if it can not be tested!

Many teachers have abandoned common core partially or completely. They will tell you that the standards are almost impossible to teach and test to the standards. When the teachers try a suggested method or activity and it fails time and time again, they abandon common core.

You might say that Betsy DeVoss is partially right.  Common core is dying.  It is just going to take a while to eradicate it from the computers and from the school districts who have bought into common core 100%.

Proof of Failure

Massachusetts is just one example of the failure of common core.  In 2007 and 2009, Massachusetts schools swept every category of the National Assessment of Educational Progress or NAEP.  The NAEP measure the performance of students.

Massachusetts implemented the common core standards in 2010.  The math scores for 8th grade and 4th grade started declining at the same rate that they had been improving prior to implementation of common core.

California testing of math scores pre and post common core shows the same thing happening as did in Massachusetts.  In fact, math scores have dropped for 8th grade.

History of Common Core

The National Governor's Association and Council State School Officers created common core in 2009 and 2010.

Although the federal government did not write the standards that make up common core they did back it by approving a $4.4 Billion in grants to the states that adopted common core.  So with millions of dollars dangling before each state to adopt common core, 43 states took the money and ran.

One of the biggest arguments for common core was that the Gates Foundation spent $400 million but influenced the Obama Administration to spend $4 trillion toward the program.

All the text books that were adopted with the common core standards were published by just a handful of publishing companies.

In 2017, Gates implied that common core had been a failure.  WHY SHOULDN'T it fail.  There was no pilot program to test the new standards.  But the Obama administration promised the money to the states if they adopted an untried program.

Here we are in 2020, ten years later, trying to kill the beast called Common Core that was supposed to stop the learning gap but instead widened the gap. Some states are taking back control of the testing standards and are developing their own testing without using common core standards as the base.

Common Core WILL DIE.  It is just a matter of WHEN.  When the textbooks change, when the teachers stop teaching to the standards and WHEN the State Boards of Education declares common core as a failure, then common core will be dead.


Melissa Strzala is a nanny who has been posting videos to help parents understand how to do Common Core math. She shows how to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.

COMMENT:  There is nothing wrong with teaching students new ways to do a problem.  HOWEVER, if a student knows a way that is working and the problem is counted wrong because he didn't use the Common Core method, then that is just wrong!!


September, 2015

The following was taken from a report by Seattle Education about a Common Core Study on the usage of computers in the classroom and how computer usage IS NOT impacting test results.

IF computer are not making a difference on State testing, WHY are millons of dollars being spent to make sure every student has a laptop?  In California, these laptops are assigned to students and they take the computers home.  Many of the computers are broken within a few months of start of school.  Some are lost.  

In the end, 15-year-old students need good comprehension and analysis skills to do well in either the print or the digital worlds. This study leaves me thinking that technology holds a lot of promise, but that it’s hard to implement properly. Yes, maybe there are superstar teachers in Silicon Valley who never get rattled by computer viruses, inspire their students with thrilling lab simulations and connect their classroom with Nobel Prize-winning researchers. But is it realistic to expect the majority of teachers to do that? Is the typical teacher’s attempt to use technology in the classroom so riddled with problems that it’s taking away valuable instructional time that could otherwise be spent teaching how to write a well-structured essay?

August 7, 2013

According to ONE NEWS NOW, states are starting to back away from the testing component of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  The testing component is known as the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career.

This assessment will only be viable if ALL states use it otherwise there can't be a true comparability.  Georgia, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Utah and Alabama have elected not to use this test.  Florida is considering whether to back away from the test.

August 8, 2012

Douglas County School Board in Colorado passed a resolution opposing Common Core Standards, a federal mandate.  The board stated that they opposed the CCS because they thought that the standards were to low.

Over the past year, the board members worked hard to develop their Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum.  The school board stated that their standards are "more rigorous, more demanding, more thorough, and reflect higher expectations and aspirations" than Common Core.

The board also said that their Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum better meets the needs of their students than does Common Core Standards.


I would love to hear from you and what is happening in your state with the Common Core Standards.  I welcome comments from teachers as well as from parents.

Use the What's Your Opinion form below to contact me.


American Principals Project

CATO Institute - Neal McCluskey

Freedom Project Education

How to Stop Common Core - a book written by Marian Armstrong, a former educator who investigated the upcoming standards.  She didn't like what she learned so she wrote a book to inform parents how to stop common core standards.

Kansans Against Common Core

New American and video

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