"Some people get an education without going to college.  The rest get it after they get out."
Mark Twain, American Author

Have you heard about juniors and seniors earning college credit while still in high school? Or are you thinking, Is College Worth It?"

Both of these questions are addressed on this page.

IF you have a student that is ready for college but

  • doesn't do well in a classroom;

  • the parent(s) don't have the estimated $35,000 for college tuition at a state school;

  • or the student wants to go to college but finds taking classes would be boring because of his high IQ,

THEN you need to check out College Plus.


This question may also be weighing on your mind as it is a very expensive endeavor for any family. 

In 2013, David Wilezol spoke about his new book, Is College Worth It?. which he co-authored with Bill Bennett, a former US Secretary of Education.  Together, Bill and David expose the broken promise of higher education and the debt parents or students are saddled with and with no job to pay for these debts.

College can be worth it for SOME people.  It depends on:

  • whether the person has academic ability.
  • what the major will be.
  • how much debt a person is willing to incur.
  • what school the person will attend.

There is a 75% chance that a student at the bottom 40% of his senior class WILL NOT graduate from college within 8 years. Only 50% of those that go to college graduate.

Science, technology, engineering and medicine are the fields that are in demand.  1 in 10 jobs require a sub-bachelor degree (2 year degree).  These jobs are paying $53,000/yr. 15% of Google employees DO NOT have a college degree. They were self taught.

By the end of 2018, there were over 5 million skilled labor jobs needed. Those jobs include electricians, plumbers, mechanics, to name a few.  

Many companies will be looking for a certificate that states you have a particular skill instead of looking at a diploma from a college.  This opens up many more choices for our students who might not be college material BUT who are career candidates.

On-line courses that give certificates and take 1/4 of the time as a traditional brick and mortar school are becoming quite popular.  Vocational and technical schools are another great alternative to expensive colleges that don't guarantee a job at the end of the 4-6 years spent getting ready for the "dream job."

Mike Rowe Works Foundation

If your child is looking for a career in a vocation or technical field instead of a professional degree that requires college, you may also want to check out  You might remember Mike Rowe from the TV show, Dirty Jobs.

In 2007, Mike traveled around the country doing this TV series.  He noticed that skilled labor jobs such as electricians, plumbers, mechanics, farmers, fishermen, etc. were going unfilled because of the lack of people to fill these jobs.

Rowe is trying to close the skills gap by offering scholarships to men and women who want to attend an apprentice program, a trade or technical school.  Most of these are between 9 months long to 18 months long.  Spending less than 1/2 the time in these types of schools, saves the participant from being in school debt for the rest of their lives.

As of the beginning of 2019, Mike reports that there are 7 million jobs available across the country but only a handful of people to fill these jobs.  The majority of these jobs don't require a 4 year degree.

College Plus

College Plus has a program for students to get college credit while attending high school.  They also have a program where the student can earn a college degree by:

  • taking the CLEP exam (College Level Exam Program) and other exams

  • by taking on-line courses

  • and/or taking a combination of on-line courses and on-site courses at accredited local colleges.

The College Level Exam Program and 24 other such exam programs allow students to "test out of a class" and still earn credit for that class.  The average cost is $125 for up to 24 hours of college credits (or 8 courses).

For about $7,500 per year, a student can take an unlimited amount of courses with College Plus.

This is an exceptional program for the struggling student and especially for the learning disabled student because, included in the cost of the tuition, the student is assigned a COACH to help him get the most out of his college experience.

At College Plus the Coach stays in touch for about an hour every 2 weeks.  The Coach's responsibilities are:

  • to assist the student in implementing a plan of action;

  • to help set attainable goals for the student to work on for the next 2 week interval;

  • and to be an encourager for the student.

The approximate cost of this 4 year program is about $22,000!  This is what ONE year at a private university would cost.  SO College Plus is undoubtedly one of the BEST VALUES around!

NOTE:  I haven't used this service, nor do I know anyone who has.  I am not being paid a royalty or fee for promoting this plan.  After reviewing it, I feel it is worth looking into if you are looking for an alternative to the standard college campus.

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