by:  Rene Armbruster

It was December 1. Rex, a postman, was very busy sorting mail. At this time of year, he had to sort lots of mail for Santa Claus. He would put it in special sacks to be sent to the North Pole.

Rex was so busy sorting letters to Santa Claus that he almost overlooked the one addressed “Jesus, North Pole, Very Important.”

This puzzled him. Rex knew that Jesus lived in Heaven, not the North Pole and that the post office didn’t deliver mail to Heaven. It was just too far away. Rex wondered what he would do with it. He put the letter in his pocket until he could ask someone else what to do with the letter.

At break time, Rex showed the letter to Quincy, his co-worker. “Quincy, look here. I have a letter addressed to Jesus, North Pole. What do you think I should do with it?”

“Throw it away; everyone knows we can’t deliver that one.”

“But this one says ‘Very Important.’ I don’t think I ought to throw it away.”

“Well, do what you want with it.” Quincy stated defensively.

Rex was perplexed. What should he do? Throw it away or read it to see what was so important? He had better ask his supervisor. Later that day he stopped Harry, the postmaster.

“Say Harry, I have a letter addressed to Jesus, North Pole. What should I do with it?”

“Jesus, ugh? Gee, you know we don’t deliver to Heaven,” he said with a belly laugh. “Throw it away.”

“But it says, ‘Very Important’.” Rex insisted.

Harry, very much in a hurry, said, “Okay, you figure it out.”

Being very confused by now, Rex decided to take the letter home and let his wife decide what to do with it. Once again, Rex put the letter in his pocket and started for home. It was on nights like this, after a busy day, that Rex was glad he had a little heaven of his own.

He and his wife, Joy, lived in a quiet neighborhood called Haven’s Place. Although Rex and Joy didn’t have any children, they had dreamed for ten years of what it would be like to have a little boy or girl to laugh and play ball with. The prayed often for a chance to be parents.

Sometimes, they would dream of trips they would take as a family, including the family dog, Willie. This time of year was no exception. Christmas was a time for children. Christmas was a time of miracles.

Rex and Joy hoped this year would be the year God would answer their prayers for a child. It didn’t matter whether the child was an infant, toddler, child or teen. It certainly didn’t matter if the child was a boy or girl; black or white. Any child would be precious in their sight.

As Rex walked in the door of his home, Willie was there to greet him with a wagging, thumping tail. His beautiful, smiling wife was there also to welcome him home with a kiss.

“Hi, how was your day?” she always asked.

Rex would usually respond with “OK and yours?” But tonight he said, “Busy, and perplexing.”

“What do you mean perplexing? What can be so puzzling about sorting mail for Santa Claus?” Joy asked with a smile.

“Because today I found a letter addressed to Jesus, North Pole. I didn’t know what to do with it. I asked Quincy and Harry and they both said to throw it away."

"But I couldn’t. Look,” he said taking the letter from his pocket and handing it to her. “It says ‘Very Important’. What should I do with it?”

“I’m not sure. Will you get in trouble for bringing it home?” she wondered.

“No, of course not. Harry would have thrown it away. He told me to decide what to do with the letter.”

“Then I think you ought to read it. If it is important, we can try to figure out what to do. If it’s not, then we can throw it away.”

“All right.” Rex said as he tore open the letter and sat down next to his wife on the sofa.

Rex looked at Joy for support and began reading.

“Dear Jesus,

“My name is Angel. I am 9 years old. I have blue eyes and blond hair. I live in Abilene, Kansas. I live with my foster family. Their names are Bob and Joan Porter and they have five other kids.

“I hope you can help me. For two years, I have written to Santa Claus asking him for a FOREVER FAMILY. But Santa just gives me a new pair of socks and some underwear. If I’m really good, he might bring me a used dolly.

“Please Jesus, can you find a FAMILY that would want a little girl. I know how to wash clothes, make my bed, wash dishes and clean house. I can even get my own breakfast. I wouldn’t be much trouble. Sir, I would even take just one parent if they really wanted a little girl.

“I don’t know much about you except that some people celebrate your birthday at Christmas. I heard someone say something about a Christmas miracle and that only YOU could do it. So I thought I’d ask you since Santa hasn’t answered me.

“I don’t know where to send this. So I’m sending it to Santa Claus. I hope he won’t be mad. Since he knows everyone in the world, I figured he could find you. Please bring me PARENTS that like animals, traveling, playing games and having fun.

“Yours, truly, Angel Boxman

“P.S. My address is 423 Green, Abilene, Kansas.

By the time Rex finished reading the letter, there were tears flowing down Joy’s cheeks. Rex’s eyes were a little blurry also. With a lump in her throat, Joy spoke first.

“Do you really think this could be the Christmas miracle we’ve been praying for?”

“I’m not sure. But let’s call the Porter’s in Abilene tonight and talk to them.”

By the end of the next week, everything had been arranged. The Porters, the adoption agency, and SRS all agreed that Rex and Joy would spend Christmas Eve at the Porters. They also agreed that it would be a surprise for Angel.

At 6PM on Christmas Eve, Rex and Joy, who was carrying Willie, rang the Porter’s doorbell. Angel opened the door. When she looked out the door, the first thing she saw was a dachshund being held by a pretty woman and a man holding her hand. As Angel looked into the smiling faces of Rex and Joy, they said, “Merry Christmas, Angel, Jesus sent us!”


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