When making a home library, don't forget to make a special space for a boys reading corner. By doing this, you are telling your son how important reading is. Let him help you decide how to decorate his space.

Do you need to know not just where to find the books BUT also what books to put in his bookcase? Amazon have reviews for most books. These reviews have usually been done by individuals and not someone at the company.

Here are a couple of books sites I found made especially for boys:

Guys Read:
This site is made especially for guys; big guys and little guys. There are author reviews of what their favorite books were when they were growing up. The book lists are divided into categories. Once you click on a book title, you will see: the author's name, genre, and appropriate age.

Read Kiddo Read:
This site was made by James Patterson, the author, and his wife. When they realized their son didn't like to read, he decided to start writing books for boys (and girls) that would get them reading. Check this site for books to put in your boy's reading corner: Books for Boys

Listed below are a few ideas for a boys reading corner. I have also included some text links and logo buttons to some sites that you may want to visit if you see an item you would like to purchase. Happy Decorating!

Hero's Corner
Soccer Reading Corner

Small Reading Nook Ideas



Use a room decal like this one from RoomMates.  It sticks to the wall and is removable and reusable.  Since it is removable, it can be changed or moved at any time.  

Make sure you have some graphic novels and Super Hero comic books for your super hero to read.

Also stock the bookcase (or locker) with books about his favorite driver. This will surely spur your young racer on to reading!

Shown here are: a locker bookcase, bean bag chair and a rug.


If your son is not a comic book enthusiast, perhaps he would like a racing decal instead.  Wayfair has decals for any racing enthusiast: car, Nascar, motorcycle, off-road and quad racing wall decals.  Prices vary depending on the manufacturer and size.

A floor style lamp that has a light facing toward the ceiling and an extra arm that points downward is great for reading.

Don't forget the lighting. Place a pole lamp near the bean bag. There are several styles for you to choose from. 

Or you may prefer to use a goose neck desk lamp like this one on top of the locker bookcase.

Another floor style is one with 2 or 3 lights which can be adjusted.

Lighting Buff - Save with Direct Pricing


What books does your son like to read? Have him respond here and tell others why he likes the book. OR have you read a book together that was enjoyable. Share that story with us.

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