Books in Art is a page dedicated to artists who use books as their theme or who use books as part of their medium.

I hope you find these artists' work as inspiring and unique as I did.  I find that art expresses what I am saying in my business statement:
READING: The Cornerstone to Success.

Reading is so important in our lives that I want others to not just hear those words but to see and feel the importance of reading through art.

The following are just a few of the pieces by Lori Preusch.   This is what Lori has to say about her pieces:

I sit in my studio some days thinking I must be the luckiest woman in the world to be here right now…

I am making the choice between whether a particular shabby chair in a tree tea party should have a monkey sitting in it or a bear and what color the tea cup should be and whether the animal is reading a book while participating, or not wanting to participate in the tea party at all…or if the book is needed desperately to support the chair so it won’t topple over and fall out of the tree…

This is my work; this is my world.  It is the perfect place for me.  It is a story. Yes, that painting tells a story.  They are really only the story of my life… a child’s unlimited imagination that didn’t have to grow up.  I choose to do it my way.  Every day I go up to my studio and simply say, “Now, wouldn’t it be fun if…” - Lori Preusch  

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NOTICE:  These pictures have been posted by permission from the artist.  Please don't copy these or pin them unless you have written permission from the artist.

One Thousand Stories High


Quill by Lori Preusch


Mother Goose by Lori Preusch


Over Booked by Lori Preusch


Just A Dream by Lori Preusch


You can order any one of these and find more of Lori's work at Dandelion Press. 

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