Bogus websites are the sites that parents have to be concerned about. First, these sites usually spew forth much misinformation. Second, because there is a potential that some websites exist only to do harm to our cyber life or to our children by capturing their attention for unsavory reasons.

I also consider bogus websites as those sites that advertise something other than was presented in the search. For instance, there are many sites that call themselves educational. However, when you click on the site all you get is a directory of a bunch of sites.

There are sites that are nothing more than a bunch of ads. You have to search through thousands of listings to find something that might work for you. These are also called MFAs, Made for Adsense. These sites have no information of value. The sole purpose of MFA's is to make the website owner money. He does that every time you click on one of the listings.

Did you know that many sites are made by people copying information they retrieved from other sites. These sites are usually created by people who KNOW NOTHING about the topic. They are good researchers and maybe even good writers, but they have NO experience. BEWARE of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

There are many sites that get your child's attention by advertising a Disney character BUT it may be a child pornography site. You wouldn't want your child to find this and neither do I!

PLEASE remember to check out any websites before you let your child have free reign. Even though I have checked them out and have given my recommendation, doesn't mean that something offensive won't pop up. Websites can change daily.

Some of the game websites might have themes that you as a parent won't like based on your child's personality or your family's beliefs. For instance, some homeschool families I know won't allow children to play with a deck of cards. One of the memory games uses a deck of cards.

Even though one game might have a theme that isn't appropriate for your child or disagrees with your family's values, doesn't mean the site is bad. Just preview the games before you allow your child on the site.


ONE OF MY BIGGEST FEARS, is WHAT is lurking on the social networking sites. It is fun to keep up with what is going on with friends you don't see to often. KIDS have a lot more time to do this than adults.

BUT, there are predators using bogus websites to deceive our children and to steal their innocence! KIDS and young adults think they are invincible and therefore don't think about what they are writing. Many agree to meet an "on-line friend" in person.

Everyday I get a Facebook request to become a friend of someone I don't know. Sure they may be a friend of a friend of mine. BUT how do I know that? Your children are being asked the same thing--to become a friend of someone they don't even know.

DO YOU KNOW WHO your child has as Facebook friends? Do you know anything about these "friends"? I don't think you can use to much caution with your child.

PLEASE, PLEASE monitor what internet sites your children use. If you don't have a filter on your computer, get one! There's not a 100% guarantee to stop everything bad, but it will help keep out most of these bogus websites.

REMEMBER: Parental supervision is the best filter.

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