with a Reading Nook

Want a bedroom with a reading nook for your child?  Try one of these bedroom sets if you don't have a big enough room to make a reading corner for your son or daughter

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This bunk bed and other kids furniture can be ordered from Kids Furniture Solutions. KFS offers a wide variety of solid wood loft beds, captain beds, and bunk beds for both girls and boys! KFS uses quality woods.

The top bunk could be used as her reading nook. Just put some large decorative pillows on top of the mattress so that she can lean against the wall for a back rest. This top bunk can also double as an extra bed for your daughter's overnight guest.

Perhaps your "princess" would enjoy this bedspread from Bedding Inn to help you enhance the theme for this special room. There are over 150 sets to choose from.

Want to add a little flair to the reading nook? Try putting a decal like this one from Bedding Inn on the wall above the top bunk.

Don't have a ceiling light above the bed? Have this clip on light in a basket ready for use. The goose neck lamp can be adjusted to many different positions either clipped onto the book, or the rail.  This light is also free standing.

Also, don't forget a small desk lamp for the computer area if you don't use the one in the reading corner.

For a final touch, you may want to add an area rug like one of the following from Bedding Inn where you will find over 300 rugs to choose from for your home.


Here is the version for the boy's all-in-one bedroom with a reading nook. This bed is also Kids Furniture Solutions.

This reading nook is actually the desk area under the bunk. Here you can have some of your son's favorite books, comics and graphic novels. You may choose to put a bookcase at the end of this combo to accommodate more books as he acquires them.


For a cozy reading nook, use the top bunk bed as the "nook."  Put some oversized pillows up there so that there is something to lean against while reading.

Since the top bunk is going to be used as a special reading nook, use some huge decorative pillows to be thrown against the wall to rest against while reading.

Of course this extra bunk can double as a spare bed when one is needed.

Even if the ceiling light is near the top bunk, it is best to have an adjustable light that can be aimed at the book to eliminate shadows.

This goose neck clamp on light is perfect to attach to the side of the top bunk.

If there is a computer area, you will also need a small desk light.

If the room is not carpeted, you might want to have an area rug by the bed. PICK A THEME and then pick a rug.

IF you go with a sports theme, then a rug in shape of a basketball, or football may be preferred.  Here are a couple of ideas. 


FINALLY, you need to stock the shelves with some of your child's favorite books. Make sure there are some fun books also, like comics, graphic novels or books about sports or racing; depending on what your son likes. If he doesn't like to read, this is a way to get him interested.

Have books that are easy for your son to read and books that are a challenge. Read the challenging books to your child at bedtime.

Once your child has heard you read the same book a couple of times, have them read with you.  Point to words that would be easy for him to say and have him "read when I point to the word."

This will help your son gain appreciation for reading and a desire to want to read himself.

Need to use the top bunk of this all in one bedroom set for a bed instead of a reading nook? Then make this bedroom with a reading nook a Book Friendly Room by putting the appropriate reading material in it for whomever your guest may be.

Check out the other themed reading corners for boys and girls.


Do you have a home library picture to share? Please include any funny story that happened during the making of your library. Also tell others what the approximate cost was for your library or reading nook.

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