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At home job opportunities are abundant through the internet. Many stay at home moms are looking for ways to make extra money from home so they can raise their family while working from home.

When a teen reaches the age of 16 or beyond, job opportunities are a big topic.  What will they do?  Will they go to college or to a tech school for higher education?

A teen with learning disabilities or one that just struggles with school may not think either of these are an option. He may think that all that he has to look forward to is a dead end, minimum wage job forever.

There is a future for these young people and it doesn't have to be a minimum wage job.  It might be to create an online business.  IF your child has some computer knowledge, they may want to pursue becoming a small business website designer.

FOX News recently reported that 52% of all companies are having trouble filling high tech jobs. In fact, one company said that even if they didn't have a job opening, if the right person were to come along they would hire that person just to guarantee that they would have a qualified employee for a future job opening.

I have a couple of suggestions for job opportunities outside of having to go to college.


Before teens determine if they want to go to a college, technical or trade school or just "get a job", they should have some idea of what kind of job would be good for them.  To many times, people take a job that doesn't interest them and then find it is hard to get out of it into another.

YES! Youth Exploration Survey! Is a career assessment program for teens! Career Direct by Life Pathways  ( provides this Biblically based career guidance system to provide positive feedback to the teen who is serious about their future.

YES! helps teens, 13 – 16, prepare for the career that will fit them best.  YES! uses youth-oriented illustrations and exercises that will keep the teen focused on the end goal—finding his/her God given career path.

Does your teen really need to go to a 4 year college?  Or can s/he get what they need for successful lifetime employment by going to a 1 or 2 year vocational school.  Did you know there are over 30,000 documented jobs?

That’s a lot to choose from and yet most schools limit us to just a few career choices.  Has your child dreamt of becoming a veterinarian but his grades won’t allow entrance into a veterinarian school.  Perhaps, he could go to furrier school and become specialized in working with horses.

YES! starts with a Guidebook, chalked full of support materials, that helps your child to identify God’s design for their life.  It does that by helping the child determine his/her personality style, what work abilities s/he possess and vocational interests and integrating all three which leads them to the right path for their life.

YES! is great for youth groups, Christian schools, home school parents or groups and camps.  These settings provide the ideal opportunity to talk and guide teens in deciding what their future will look like as they seek to serve God.


The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, Kansas City, MO has teamed with Clifton Taulbert’s Building Community Institute to promote entrepreneurship among young adults.  Many LD students don't feel college bound but are smart enough and are very creative that they could start a business doing what they like.

From Who Owns The Ice House website, they say this about their mission:

Recognizing our nation’s need for greater economic participation at all levels of society, the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program captures and conveys the “mindset” of entrepreneurs who overcame adversity and are now helping lead our economic recovery. The program was created by the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative and Clifton Taulbert’s Building Community Institute."

Instead of going to college, a vo-tech school, or even a training center to learn a trade, this ON-LINE course may be just what your teen would like.  Very reasonably priced at less than $500, the course accommodates students who don't do well in a classroom setting.  The Entrepreneurial Course is self-paced, has individualized learning assessments and real world application.

Watch this video to see if it is right for your teen, 18-24.


Perhaps the entrepreneurship isn't for your teen. If you have a student with computer skills, creativity, and is extremely knowledgeable about a hobby, sport or other topic, I would recommend that she learn how to build a website and take advantage of this at home job opportunity.

There are two reasons why I suggest your high school student create a web site.  Remember what I said about how 52% of companies are having problems finding qualified people?  Therefore, anyone who has computer skills will already have a foot in the door when they seek a job.  The knowledge a student gains from following a well laid out plan will be invaluable to her.

Second, her sense of accomplishment from building the website herself will boost her confidence in herself and in her abilities.  

Perhaps you have a student who hates writing BUT has great verbal skills and still loves computers.

Dragon Speak is a program that allows the user to speak what s/he wants to say and the program will type it on the screen.  THUS, this program would allow your student to create a site about what s/he loves without having to actually write it.

Click here to read my story about my at home job opportunity by building a web site using a company called Solo Build It!

Not convinced yet?  Check out this video.

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