A Blog by Dawn
April, 2013

Chapter 7

In this current blog by Dawn, a mother of an Aspie, she discusses Kelsea's health and progress after bio-medical treatment.


BREAKTHROUGH!  After all the ups and downs of the last 16 months, we have finally hit true breakthrough with Kelsea.  The chelation therapy really started to work its miracle after the minor setback several months ago and Kelsea was improving once again.  After the first round we re-tested her blood levels for heavy metals and she was still extremely high in lead and somewhat in mercury.

So we started round two of chelation; this time increasing the dose even more.  That was when the REAL changes started to happen.  The meltdowns and rages were completely gone, the ultra-sensitive hearing was gone, the constant irritation.....gone!  We had found the answer!

We had also started another therapy with her.  We purchased a used far infrared sauna and she began sitting in that nearly every day for about 15 minutes. It detoxifies the body - specifically the soft tissues.  For Kelsea, the real benefit was that it healed up her extreme acne problem, as well as removing toxins and heavy metals.

Over the last 16 months we have changed every single thing that Kelsea has put in and on her body.  Because of the MTHFR genetic defect, she has to be very careful about hair products, lotions, soaps, laundry detergent, and cleaning supplies as well as food.   Everything has to be as organic and pure as we can get.

We bought a share in a cow so that we could have raw milk to make kefir for her. Kefir is fermented milk that is loaded with billions of probiotics - excellent for the gut!  We also learned to ferment our own vegetables - especially sauerkraut which is also loaded with good probiotics. Everything we do has the main goal of improving her health any way that we can.  And of course, my husband's and my health has greatly improved as well!

The end of February, 2013, Kelsea completed the final round of chelation and was retested for heavy metal toxicity.  All tests came back NORMAL!!  We were elated.

We had the proof right in front of us even without the tests results.  She is a completely different person than she was over a year ago when we started all this.  She "graduated" with her autism specialist and is now on a maintenance schedule.

She was able to eliminate about half of her supplements and stop the chelation protocol she was on.  We were also able to stop the Methylated B12 injections and switch to a tincture that goes under the tongue.  From now on she will have to go back to the specialist about every 6 months to have her blood work re-done to make sure that she is maintaining the nutrient level she needs to be at.  She will have to be pro-active about this the rest of her life.

Detoxification will always be an ongoing process for her.  We are subjected to way too many toxins in the environment around us every single day whether we want it or not.  She will have to continue the far infrared sauna treatments, many of the supplements she will be on for life, and she will have to "chelate" using chlorella or other green foods for the rest of her life as well. 

Even with all the physical changes in her, Kelsea is still quite immature for her age (she is 21 but is emotionally about 16 or 17)** and we aren't sure if her emotional age will ever catch up to her actual age or not.  It might just take time with ongoing detoxification and good nutrition.

I heard a speaker at one of the conferences I attended say that on average it takes three years for the total turnaround for a child with autism.  I can imagine it would take longer for Kelsea since she was an adult when we started this.   Or we may have to face the fact that she will never be "normal" by the world's standards because too much damage was done to her central nervous system. 

In any case, she is now healed enough to begin to move on with her life.  We are currently working towards her getting a job and a driver's license.  The ultimate goal is total independence - a goal that is now more attainable than we ever believed possible!

I do want to note that through this process I have learned that every person with autism spectrum disorder is different and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for another.

That said, the root cause is nearly always toxicity - especially heavy metals - but every treatment is going to be different for every person.  It just depends on how their body responded to the toxicity and where the toxicity lodged.  However, from what I have read and learned from personal experience, chelation therapy is quite often the miracle catalyst in the treatment of autism and should nearly always be considered as a treatment protocol under a doctor's supervision. 

This whole process took an immense amount of time, research, dedication and, of course, extra money.  But to have our daughter back, it was all worth it!


** In 2020, Kelsea turned 28.  She still lives with her mother.  Her father was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2015.  Kelsea hasn't learned to drive and probably never will because of the noise of traffic which could lead to confusion while driving.  She loves getting out in nature and taking photos in the Everglades.

These pictures were of Kelsea when she took a skydiving adventure, something her father would have loved doing.

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