An Autistic Young Man's Remembrance of Life With a Determined Tutor

by Scott Howse
(Livonia, Mi, USA)


Running from front to back yard
Afraid she would touch me
I never wanted to be touched
She wouldn’t leave me alone
Scared of the world
Everyone please leave me alone
Let me stay in my own world
I kept running and running
But it was no use
I gave up
Let her invite me into her world
It wasn’t so bad after all
She showed me her world
Chess and checkers
Reading, putt-putt golf
Writing my name
Monopoly, The Game of Life
So much time with me
She opened a package I didn’t
know I had
-Scott Howse, 2009

This was written by Scott Howse, a 29-year-old autistic young man, who writes for It was originally published on the site, along with other reflections. The take-away from this poem - don't give up! Persevere with these kids, and the rewards are there!

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