Finding an alternative to books for a frustrated reader is very important. Finding something to keep the learning disabled student interested in learning is essential to their education.

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Here are a few things you can do to keep her interested in learning:

READ TO HER: Read stories that are of an interest to her like books about her favorite sport or hobby. Books should be about 3 to 4 grades beyond her grade level. This keeps interests high.

so that she can listen to books on tape. These can be downloaded onto a MP3 player or other listening devices.

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with her. Help her read whatever she needs to read when playing games. By playing games, a child learns how to strategize, communicate, think logically, barter, spend money, save money, and compete fairly.

PLAY MONOPOLY: Teach her how to count money by playing Monopoly or similar type of board or card games. When counting money, tie it to counting by 5's and 10's and how that relates to multiplying.

PLAY TRAVEL GAMES: It's fun to learn about other countries with a board games where participants travel around the world via car, planes or by feet. Not sure what game to purchase.

Education Games for Kids has reviews for many games and is packed full of the best educational games and toys for kids of all ages. Whatever your child’s age, educational development stage or interests, you will find lots of information here, to create curiosity and a desire to learn.

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Watch videos! Make sure they are accurate portrayals of history and science.

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ALLOW TIME ON THE COMPUTER: Most children beg to be on the computer. So as an alternative to books, find some educational sites that she can use with or without your help. Here is a spelling and vocabulary site with lots of games that are fun to play. It has hangman games, matching games, crossword puzzles and more.

GET THE STRUGGLING READER out of the textbooks and onto the internet for some exploration where learning is FUN. If you need to, you can read the information to him. Some of these sites have projects to do with your student. Doing projects is a great way for students to learn. The doing helps with retention of what was read.

PICK SITES that will be of interest to your student. After reading through the material with him, have him do some type of project to show what he has learned. Let him pick how he will retell what he has learned.

For instance, if you pick an American History site as your alternative to books, he may decide that he wants to portray a President. He could dress up like him, read a speech (or memorize part of it) and have someone video tape him.

If he chooses a World History site, he might want to make a picture timeline of a certain period. After doing that, he could tell his family what the pictures mean. The years would be written above the pictures--like a timeline.

Following are some sites to start you off. Request a password and take a look at other sites I have checked out and recommend. AFTER finding a site you like, don't forget to BOOKMARK it as your alternative to books!

Once you receive the password (check your e-mail within the next 90 seconds), return here and click on the link below that you would like to explore. I hope you find these helpful.


American History Fun Facts:
You will learn nicknames of the Presidents, history of the flag, about our Founding Fathers and even recipes from yesteryear. This site could be used by someone in 5th grade and above.

Aviation for Kids:
Aviation for Kids is the perfect fit for the struggling learner, or a child with a reading or learning disability. George says this about his site, "The content of Aviation for Kids can be used in different ways. Parents and teachers can get some ideas for easy and fun science projects based on aviation technology."

This site has projects like sending a frog into space that can be done with your son or daughter. Although some of the pages are written with the adult in mind, others will be easily understandable by a 5th grader. The projects can be done by a 3rd grader with supervision.

Here are some other resourceful websites as an alternative to books that you might want to explore. They require a password.

American History Sites

Educational Book Sites

Educational Games Websites

Homeschool Resources Websites

Learning Disabilities Websites

Schools for Learning Disabled

Math Websites

Science Sites

World History Sites

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