The following stories are about students who became addicted to reading. They were students who struggled with reading. After intensive tutoring, they couldn't find enough books to read. They had become ADDICTED TO READING.

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When a student finds a genre that appeals to them, there is no stopping them. Read these stories. Read them to your struggling reader. Hopefully, they will be motivated to become readers!

Sally is 12. Her dad is an Air Force pilot. She dreams of getting her pilots license by the age of 14. Every summer Sally goes to a space exploration camp. Sally dreams of becoming the first woman to walk on the moon.

What kind of books does Sally like? She finds science fiction exciting because many of these talk of space travel and meeting aliens from another world and things that might be some day.

Tom lives on a farm in North Dakota. He is 8 years old. He loves to listen to his grandpa talk about old times. Tom’s grandfather remembers some of the stories that his great grandfather told to him about traveling west in a covered wagon.

Tom often wonders what it would have been like. So, what kind of books does he like? Tom likes to read historical fictions. History has gotten into Tom’s bones and he likes exploring books that tell a story but the facts are true.

Betsy is a girlie girl. She is 15 and talks to and about boys all the time. Her favorite story when she was small was Cinderella. Betsy is always talking about how she dreams of a white knight that she will meet some day.

Her favorite kind of book is romance. Betsy doesn’t care about history or science fiction but she could tell you how to plan a wedding.

15 year old Paul has always liked looking for treasures. It started when he was 5 years old and his dad hid his Christmas present. From that time on, Paul loved mysteries of any kind.


Now that your child has started to like to read, your next job is to keep them reading. How do you do this? Besides making sure they see YOU reading, you need to set up a home library.

If you get your child and even your family involved in the process of creating a home library, it can be fun. Make sure there are books for each member of the family. Make a schedule for a weekly family book club. Let me know what is working for your family! Fill in the form below.


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