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Topeka Tutoring is a local business in Topeka, Kansas. I, Rene Armbrusteram a Reading Specialist who specializes in teaching students who have a learning disabilityor those that are struggling with reading. I also tutor basic math skills.

If you live within driving distance of Topeka, I am available to do tutoring with your child at my office located near Auburn, Kansas.

If time is limited, or you live outside Topeka but still want tutoring for your child, I can tutor via the Internet using a video conferencing service such as SKYPE. Skype is available as a free download.

To see some testimonials from parents of students that I have worked with, click here.


New Student Special
Bonus Savings
Free Consultation

For my convenience and yours, I have elected to have all fees paid through PayPal* if paying with a credit card or by check.

If, however, you do not use credit cards or check, you may pay on the first day of class using a cashier's check, travel's check or a bank draft.

All fees will have a handling charge. Paypal shows this as shipping costs. 


$50/per class
pre-scheduled weekly sessions

    (a $25 charge for any cancellations)

$450/10 lessons
save money with this bundle

When you sign up for 10 classes, and prepay prior to the first class, your child will receive the evaluation for FREE. This is a $100 value.

This is a ONE TIME offer for new students. Fee must be paid in full on or before the first class.

NOTICE: All fees include a handling charge. Paypal shows this as shipping costs. Taxes on the services are include in the base price.


  • No Refunds, No Reschedules
  • All sessions must be scheduled at the time of sign up
  • Workbook charges are extra each at $15+shipping (if you using SKYPE and I need to send workbook to you)



For every 5 sessions your friend signs up for, you get one session FREE, IF you also purchased one of the above groups.

NOTICE:  You cannot receive more free sessions than you paid for. Can not be used with other discounts.


A phonics and basic reading evaluation will be necessary before the tutoring actually begins. This evaluation can be done via the Internet if you choose to do tutoring via the Internet. This evaluation will take place during the first session. A written report will be e-mailed to you as part of the contract.

For clients in the Topeka area, the evaluation will also be done on the first day of tutoring at the location where tutoring will take place. A written report will be typed or e-mailed upon request as part of the contract.

If a more detailed evaluation is needed, it would have to be done on site and not over the internet. This evaluation consist of a standard reading test that measures grade level, and percentile level. This test can take up to 1 1/2 hours depending on the age of the child.

This test is $100.00.
It does not include a written report.

Additional charge for a written report  $25.00.

Do you have some questions? For a FREE CONSULTATION ($40 VALUE) call me between 8AM and 10PM CST (central standard time) at

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