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THE READING CORNER E-ZINE, Issue #001 --Autism April
April 03, 2013
Hello Readers

You are the first! Yes, you are the very first to receive my FIRST e-zine. I plan for this to be a monthly event. Please let me know what I can do better, what you would like to see and send me any stories you think others would enjoy.

Past Generations May Hold the Key to Autism

The Journal of JAMA Psychiatry reported two studies that may hold the key to autism.

1) Women who were abused as children have a greater risk of having a child with Autism.

2) Older men who sire children are more likely to have a grandchild with Autism.

The 1st study used data from 50,000 women. Those who were physically, sexually or emotionally abused as children had a risk of 3 1/2 times that of others for having a child with autism. The greater the abuse the higher the risk became.

The 2nd study looked at 40,000 older Swedish men, 50 and older, and found that this group of men would be 1 1/2 times more likely to sire a child who had Autism.

(Reported in Disability Scoop)

Vaccination and Autism Link Put to Rest

Disability Scoop, March 29, 2013, reported the following story.

For the past few years many parents have been concerned with a reported link between vaccinations and Autism. This current study debunks an earlier 1998 study that showed a link of the number of vaccinations at an early age (before 2)were linked to Autism.

According to a study backed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) this concern has no basis. The Journal of Pedeatrics published the study which looked at over 1,000 kids, 256 of these had Autism, and CDCP determined that there was no link between the number of vaccinations and autism from birth to 2 years old.

Read the study at

ReName Autism Awareness Month

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network wants to rename April as Autism Acceptance Month instead of the Autistic Awareness month. The group wants to engage people into the Autistic community.

The Advocacy group says that for many years April has been a month where the main focus is on raising money for research and support but not focused on those on the spectrum.

Paula Durbin-Westby, the founder of this movement and who also has autism, has asked anyone who wants to show support for this name change to sign an on-line pledge that reads:

"I pledge to only attend, speak at or otherwise participate in autism panels, conferences and events that meaningfully involve autistic people. I choose not to give my business or my time to settings that fail to include autistic voices in conversations about autism,” the pledge states."

Click here for more information about this name change.

Follow me on Pinterest. and like me on Facebook. If you haven't read the Asperger's Syndrome Blog, read it today. It is about one mother's trials and joys of raising a daughter on the Autism Spectrum. At 22 Kelsey's mood swings were getting out of hand. Dawn decided to search for some answers and not rely on conventional treatment.

Dawn's journey and Kelsey's journey isn't over yet, but they are on the road of Hope once again.

Final Word

I have enjoyed writing this e-zine. Please let me know what you would like to see in it.

NEXT MONTH: A book review about the health of your child and his brain health.

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