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THE READING CORNER E-ZINE, Issue #001 --Autism April
May 05, 2013
Hello Readers


to the 2nd edition of the Reading Cornerstone e-zine. WHAT’S NEW?





A new page on the site is Books in Art. This is a chance for you to purchase some awesome piece of art that center around books and writing.

If you have been following Dawn’s Asperger’s Syndrome Corner, you won’t want to miss her final blog, BREAKTHROUGH. This final installment is the update on how Kelsea has responded to the bio-medical therapy that they have been doing for the last 16 months.


In the Education News Blog you will find stories about the new Apps for Autism. A non-profit group is developing an app for smart phones that will help doctors be able to diagnose autism earlier. This will be especially helpful to doctors in rural communities where specialists aren’t available.

This app for pediatricians will allow parents to video tape their child and then upload it to the a website where specialists will be able to look at the video and give a diagnosis.

Another news story that you might find interesting is a new business that was created especially to hire people who have autism. If you are in Parkland, Florida this summer check out The Rising Tide Car Wash.

(Reported in Disability Scoop)

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If you haven't read the Asperger's Syndrome Blog, read it today. It is about one mother's trials and joys of raising a daughter on the Autism Spectrum. At 22 Kelsey's mood swings were getting out of hand. Dawn decided to search for some answers and not rely on conventional treatment.

Dawn's journey and Kelsey's journey isn't over yet, but they are on the road of Hope once again.

Final Word

I have enjoyed writing this e-zine. Please let me know what you would like to see in it.

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