Everyone thinks Sean is weird. He talks of nothing except keys. He knows everything there is to know about locksmiths, locks and keys. Sean is eight years old and he struggles with reading.

He is home schooled. Sean wants to read better. When I started seeing him, his younger sister was quickly approaching his reading level. Sean had some muscular problems. Before starting remediation for reading, he was seeing an occupational therapist twice a week.

Sean knew his alphabet. He could sound out one syllable words very well. He comprehended above grade level when someone else read the passage. However, when he read the passage, he was lost by the end of the paragraph. This was because when he came to an unfamiliar word, he couldn't decode it.

I showed his mom how to teach Sean using the Orton-Gillingham method so that she could reinforce what I was teaching Sean during my sessions with him. I started with Explode the Code Workbook #4. This workbook teaches how to divide two syllable words so that they can be easily decoded.

This skill has also helped Sean become a better speller. By breaking new words into syllables (workable parts), Sean is able to visualize the new spelling word in pieces. He then writes these pieces as he sees them in his mind!

A year ago, Sean wouldn't write a paragraph. He refused. I think it was because he had no writing skills. Because Sean was not able to read very well, he didn't understand how sentences needed to be composed.

Now, Sean likes to write stories. He likes reading! He is getting better than 90% on all of his spelling tests. Because Sean is home schooled, his mom is able to slow down the pace of her teaching to match Sean's pace. If Sean is not getting a concept, she spends more time on it until Sean understands it.

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