Kati was already in 9th grade when she started seeing me. She was the type of student who was able to stay right on the edge without falling off. She was smart, but she didn’t have a good phonics base and as the subjects started getting harder, Kati felt like she was being left behind.


Since Kati was already a freshman in High School, I started by reviewing some of the phonetic sounds that was causing her problems. She thought she knew them all.

She didn’t. I decided that I needed to work on meaning of prefixes and suffixes as well as roots. By the end of the school year, she was feeling more confident with herself.

Kati needed to learn study skills. We worked on things like how to take a test and improving her vocabulary. Learning organizational skills was also a part of the study skills that I taught to her.

Writing had not been a strong suit for Kati, so answering essay questions were very difficult for her. I taught her how to think about what a question was asking. She learned to outline her paragraphs before she started writing them. By the end of the year, Kati was making A's and B's on her essays.


During the 2nd year that Kati came to see me, we started working on practice ACT tests questions. Kati also had a problem with comprehension. The ACT reading exercises were difficult for Kati because the vocabulary was harder than she was use to in reading assignments. However, these new vocabulary words forced Kati to think about the meanings of prefixes, suffixes and roots.

She was scheduled to take an ACT test a few months after she quit tutoring. During the two years that I saw Kati, her self-esteem blossomed. She realized that if she wanted to go to college, she would have to put in some effort before she got there.


Do you have a high school son or daughter who has low self-esteem? Are they making average grades but you think they could do better? Would they benefit from a learning coach or tutoring?

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